Gay Between Friends

by Dale (FL)

“Oh, man …” Chris said as he felt Jim’s boner sliding back and forth through his tight sensitive butt hole, each time with its stiff male length filling has anal sheath.

“Geez, it feels good having my dick in you,” Jim said. “Oh, Chris … it feels so good fucking you.”

“I love it when you fuck me,” Chris breathed.

Jim continued to nakedly fuck his dick into his friend, his hands holding his hips with Chris on his hands and knees in front of him. It just felt so meaningful to fuck him as another guy and into savor and enjoy that male intimacy.

Neither of them really considered himself to be gay, although we each other they certainly were, and what was more, they were falling in love with one another. There could be no doubt about that. They had been falling in love with each other over the last six months and since they had started to be sexual together as friends.

Of course just as friends there had been a sense of male attraction between the two of them, and even if cautiously as it was between two guys, they had been encouraging of those feelings. First of chumminess, and then with a desire to be more expressive of their feelings.

The first time that they had gotten naked, it had felt so good and so outstanding achieving an erection together, and letting their male feelings physically show like that with each other. It had felt so good to hold and feel each other’s male organ, and then to actually suck on them, taking each other’s dick into their mouth. Finally they had fucked and given each other their sperm. That had been so incredibly meaningful.

And now Jim was preparing to give Chris his sperm once more, and Chris was eagerly waiting the liquid transfer and infusion of his friend’s male liquid.

“Ah! Yeah!” Jim gasped as his boner ejaculated, its stiff length shuddering deep within Chris’s anal sheath, delivering surge after surge of his sperm-filled cum. Even without being reproductive, he was still impregnating his friend with his sperm and that was so fantastic.

Chris loved how this felt to have Jim taking his boner all the way in him like this and to be ejaculating inside of him.

“Oh … yeah … yeah … yeah …” Chris panted.

In the next moment the excitement of this happening was making him ejaculated. It just happened spontaneously as his rigid boner climaxed and sent one long white stream after another flying out and through the air, to land several feet away on the floor.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Chris panted repeatedly with each intense pulse of his excited release.

Their fucking felt so good, so intense and so wonderfully and intimately all-male.

Jim kept his hard dick pushed all the way into Chris, letting his reproductive liquid drain completely from his penis, as Chris’s wet excess dripped from his own dick.

They each drew in a much needed breath and felt the near exhaustion of the moment which followed.

Finally Jim pulled his no longer stiff penis from Chris’s butt and did so with the satisfaction of having just fucked his best friend. Chris laid on the floor, feeling the satisfaction of just having been fucked.

“Oh, geez …” Jim sighed and Chris laid on the floor and gave him a weak smile of gratitude.

“I’m so in love with you,” Chris said. “All I want is to have your boner in me all the time.”

“I’m in love with you, too,” Jim told him. “And I only want to have my boner you in all the time.”

They kissed wetly on the mouth, their tongues licking together. They knew that they were going to fuck again and that was so great.

Jim smiled. “Why don’t you do it in me? I want your sperm.”

“All right,” Chris said. “I’ll stick my dick in your butt and give you my sperm.”

They kissed again, and Jim looked eagerly forward to what he knew was coming. His chance to receive Chris’s male essence.

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