Gary And His Cousin: Part 1 - The Risky Start

by Lance Spurt (Horneyville)

Gary was eighteen years old and still a virgin. So because of that, he spent lots of time looking at porn on the Internet and jerking off late at night. He could jerk off three times a day thinking about fucking a sexy woman.

Gary lived alone with his mom, Brittany. She was a sexy chubby, forty-year-old, and divorced. She raised Gary as a single mother for the past sixteen years.

It was July, and Brittany and Gary went to their family farm at her grandparent's farm thirty miles away. Even though the grandparents passed away a few years ago, the farm was still kept in the family.

Brittany and her family would take turns staying there to enjoy the countryside. Everybody agreed it was time for a long weekend for a family reunion.

Brittany and Gary were greeted at the farm by her parents, Mickey and Dee both in their late sixties and in excellent shape.

Then arrived Brittany's forty-two-year-old brother Gary and his forty-year-old wife Nicole with their twenty one year-old daughter Lynne.

Ten minutes later, Brittany's thirty-eight-year-old sister Janelle arrived. Janelle was single, and her career as a scientist kept her too busy for relationships.

Gary looked at Lynne and loved the sight of her shapely body with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. He hadn't seen Lynne since the last time he game to the family farm. That was six years ago, and he was in awe with how she had grown into a sexy woman.

Lynne looked at Gary, and even though Gary was still skinny, she thought he had grown into a cute guy.

"Hi, Gary, it's been a long time," said Lynne.

"I know," he said, then they hugged.

The family reunion was going to start.

The family farm was on thirty acres of land with a creek that ran through it. The farmhouse had three bedrooms downstairs and a large attic that was turned into an additional bedroom. The loft was where Lynne and Gary would sleep when they were younger. The only problem was it only had one queen size bed that Lynne and Gary shared during those past visits. But they were younger and didn't mind.

So again, to repeat history, Lynne and Gary were instructed by their parents that they would have to share that bed in the attic. Gary didn't object, and the thought about sleeping next to his sexy cousin started to get the blood flowing to his cock. Lynne wasn't sure she wanted this but knew if she objected, her grandparents would be upset. So she figured she could tolerate it for five nights.

The first day of the family reunion was everybody relaxing around the farm. During the past six years, Lynne and Gary hadn't kept in touch, so they hung around and chatted about their lives during the past six years. They started to become the buddies they were when they were younger.

It was nighttime, and everybody retired to bed.

Lynne and Gary headed up to the attic to their bed.

Gary slept in a tee shirt and gray Sweet shorts without any underwear. He felt kinky and wanted to go commando with Lynne in the bed next to him.

Lynne also felt a little kinky and slept with a tee-shirt, no bra, and white panties.

They climbed up into the bed and Lynne slept to Gary's left side.

It was two in the morning, and Gary woke up. He glanced over to his right and saw Lynne asleep on her back with her face looking at the ceiling. He could sense that she was sound asleep and started to get horny then felt a little brave.

He cautiously leaned over and planted a light kiss on Lynne's forehead to see how she would react. She didn't move or wake up.

He ever so cautiously leaned down and let his lips lightly touch Lynne's lips. She didn't move or wake up.

The feel of his lips lightly touching Lynne's lips gave him a boner. He was so turned on by Lynne that he had to relieve himself.

So he felt brave and slowly removed the covers off his body. He looked, and Lynne was still sound asleep, so he thought it would be safe. He removed his tee-shirt then he reached down and lowered his sweat shorts down to his ankles.

There he was on his back with his seven-inch rock hard cock exposed to his sleeping cousin. This was such a turn-on for Gary.

He grabbed his hard shaft with his right hand and started to stroke his cock. While he stroked his cock, he glanced at Lynne. "Fuck me Lynne," he whispered. Lynne didn't wake up.

The feeling of being naked next to his sleeping cousin was too much for Gary. It spurted out globs of hot cum all over his chest. Lynne didn't wake up.

Gary still felt kinky for just jerking off in front of his sleeping cousin so he got some cum on his index finger of his right hand.

He moved his hand over to Lynne and lightly placed the cum on Lynne's lips.

Even though she was asleep, she felt something on her lips and used her tongue to lick it off. She moved and slept on her side with her back to Gary.

Gary put his tee shirt back on his chest even though his cum was still splattered on his chest. He pulled up his shorts and fell asleep.

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