Gareth and Gran

by Ben (NV)

Being naked with his grandmother was giving Gareth such a boner, just like it always did. She was full figured, with nice breasts that had large nipples, and her ass was smooth and nicely rounded.

But it was more than just seeing her naked. It was also the way that she was. She quite comfortably enjoyed being naked and had a great smile to go with that, and she was fun.

It had all gotten started at the beginning of that summer. He had been over at her house and the weather was quite hot.

She had joked and said how they could always take off their clothes and being naked to be more comfortable. Mentioning, of course, ho she wouldn’t tell his mom – her daughter. It sounded like fun, so they tried it. Of course it had not been at all difficult to let that lead to the two of them being sexually indulgent.

“Oh, honey,” Gwen said as she saw his enormously erect penis jabbing impressively up.

Gareth smiled, quite unembarrassed to let Gran see his male feelings showing like that and in such an obvious way. With girls his own age guys were always self-conscious and embarrassed about having a boner, and girls felt uncertain about that.

But with his grandmother, though, she had a mature attitude and appreciation and loved seeing his organ straining to the point where the veins showed along the curving shaft and he head was swollen smooth and purple-red. With her Gareth was happy to present her with such an outrageous boner.

Gareth joined her on the bed and they kissed and touched and caressed, enjoying their naked pleasure.

Finally, when the moment was right, he climbed on top of her and pushed his very stiff erection into her wet vagina.

“Ooo …” she moaned.

Garth began to slide his penis in and out.

“Ooo … I love it when you fuck me,” she told him, her hands stroking the back of his head.

Gareth looked down and smiled at her, enjoying how it felt to have his penis inserted fully into her receptive female organ. Enjoying letting her feel just how and big and hard it was.

“It’s great fucking you, Gran,” he told her. “It feels so good having my dick in you.”

“I love having your big dick in me.”

Gareth moved his hip and up and down, driving his penis into her soft wet female depths again and again.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh …” she moaned and closed her eyes. “Fuck me until I cum!”

Gareth did.

He used his boner most effectively and efficiently, making her aroused clitoris quiver until she could no longer stand it and she was climaxing.


Gareth felt her full, curved naked body writhe beneath him with sexual passion.


Then her all consuming release was complete and she lay helpless beneath him.

Gareth continued to fuck her, doing so with the excitement and satisfaction of having his enormously stiff boner inside his grandmother’s vagina. His repeated plunging insertions made wet sounds and his loose balls banged against her ass hole. Then a load of semen cum up from his balls and shoot out as he ejaculated fully into her.

“Uh! Yeah!” he groaned as his penis filled her reproductive organ with his wet sperm. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!

His penis coming uncontrollably in her felt so good.

“Oh, Gran …” he breathed.

“Oh, Gareth …” she said in return, holding him tightly and savoring his male completion in her.

Once more they had successfully been intimate in a special way that only a grandmother and grandson could achieve. The biology of their being related made it so fulfilling and rewarding. They laid there, momentarily each of them pleasantly exhausted.

Finally Gareth climbed off.

“Ooo!” she laughed. “Some of it is leaking out,” she said as she felt his slippery semen dribble down over her anal pucker and reached for a tissue to mop it up with it.

“I put a lot into you,” Gareth said with a proud grin.

“I love it when you do. I love to feel your boner fucking your sperm into me. There’s nothing better.”

That was thing about an older woman, of course. She knew how to appreciate and enjoy sex without apprehension, and she was not afraid to admit how much she liked to fuck. That was his grandmother. And no doubt quite a few grandmothers who enjoyed family sex, finding it not only convenient, but quite meaningful as well as wonderful.

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