Further Awakening

by Bubbawubba (Texas)

It had been a few weeks since mom had seen me jack off in the shower. I had been enjoying going around the house wearing what I had come to call my “dick clothes”. The sweat pants without underwear had shown my cock a lot.

I found some of my old underwear briefs in my moms cleaning rag drawer. They were torn and too small with bad elastic. They barely contained my swollen cock and pulled away from my body showing hair and the sides of my balls. You could see skin and swollen veins in other holes.

I also liked wearing a bathrobe that my dick made tent to the max and some spandex bike shorts that showed every detail of my anatomy. It was a real turn on to walk around the house wearing these.

My mom was always looking and checking me out. Even my little sister began to notice. One weekend my aunt picked up my sister to spend the weekend with our girl cousins. Mom and I were home alone. I was awakened by my usual aching morning erection.

I could hear mom making breakfast downstairs in the kitchen. We weren’t planning to go anywhere so I decided to enjoy a nice jack off before breakfast. I took off my pajamas and was lying in bed naked stroking and admiring the size and thickness of my rigid cock.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened. Mom immediately looked right at my cock. My instinct was to cover up but instead I just put both of my hands behind my head allowing my dick to stand straight up twitching and throbbing for mom to see.

“Your breakfast is getting cold, come and eat. You can finish that later”, she said and turned and left. I got up and started to dress and I stopped. I had this urge to do something I had never done before. I decided to go downstairs for breakfast and walk into the kitchen completely naked.

As I walked downstairs, my heart pounded with a mixture of fear and excitement. I was pushing how far my mom would let this “open to anything” policy go. The pounding heart absolutely engorged my cock with blood. The veins looked like they would burst. It’s spasms were as intense as an orgasm.

I walked into the kitchen. When mom saw me she gasped and said “well now aren’t you a sight to see!” Then she smiled. I sat at the table on the edge of the chair and ate breakfast, my cock sticking straight up, my balls hanging down below the seat.

Mom stood at the sink just enjoying the view. I asked my mom “Why is my dick so much bigger than other boys?” Mom said, “You take after my side of the family. Your twice as big as your dad. Your granddaddy and my brother, your Uncle Bill were both huge like you.”

“You saw them naked too?” I asked. “Oh yes, they both started going naked around your Aunt Mary and me when your Uncle Bill was your age and I was your sister’s age. You’re carrying on the family tradition.” My cock spasmed harder just learning this and thinking about being naked in front of my Aunt Mary, mom’s sexy younger sister.

When I finished I got up to take my plate to the sink. My dick wobbled freely as I approached mom, her eyes were glued to it. “You’re so big this morning!” She said. She reached down to feel my dick. Her fingers could not reach all the way around it.

“God your so hard! Walking around naked in front of mom really turns you on doesn’t it?” I told her yes I really liked being naked outside my room or shower. Pre-cum was dripping out my pee hole.

“I think you need to finish what you started upstairs.” She said as she began stroking my cock slowly.

I tried my best to hold back cumming, enjoying the feel of being jacked off and the view of mom’s hand sliding up and down the full length of my shaft. When I finally released, I shot 6 or 7 long thick streams of cum that went half way across the kitchen all over the floor. When my orgasm subsided I said “Sorry I made such a mess, I’ll clean it up for you.”

Mom said “No, let me do it, I like seeing what a big mess my big boy can make.” I love my mom!!!

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