Fun Time With My Sister

by Anonymous

My 18yo younger sister and I had been playing around for a couple of months. Not often or much, just times when our parents or sibling were not around.

I was a few years older than her and really did initiate the whole thing but she was as eager as me to explore and learn.

We had played and I had done some probing of her ass but was too scared to stick anything in her cute pussy although I really wanted to.

One of the best occasions was a day we were both home alone.

By then, we were both horny and wanting to play our dirty game again.

I called her to my bedroom and by the time she arrived, I was out of my clothes and may dick was hard and waiting for some attention.

She pulled off her clothes and her sparsely haired pussy came into view.

Her pink pussy still looked like a muffin, just with a few hairs on the top.

Her nipples were puffy and just developed on her golf ball sized tits. Cute as could be.

As we settled into our usual 69 position, with her on top, I started playing with her butt hole.

It took a bit of pushing but was finally able to get my finger in to the second knuckle.

It felt so tight in her ass and I was thinking that today was the day I was going to ass fuck her.

She got off me and layer facedown on the bed.

I got on top of her and tried to get my dick in her ass but she was way too tight.

No matter how much I tried, this wasn’t going to work.

So we flipped over and she straddled my cock.

Even with her trying this position, all we could do it get a bit of the head in her ass.

Frustrated, I had her bend over my desk and I started to try it again.

Finally I get the head into her tight hole but she just couldn’t handle the pain.

I had just about gave up when she wanted to try it in her mouth.

Surprised, I grabbed a pillow and had her kneel on it.

My dick was at a perfect level as she opened her mouth.

I asked her to be careful with her teeth as she clamped around her mouth around the shaft.

It felt wonderful as I started to slowly pump in and out.

I never got more than 1/2 in but it was incredible.

As I get close to coming I thought about telling her but decided against it. Another couple of pumps and I just let it go.

She was surprised and after the first stream most ended up on her face.

That was a great day.

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