Fun in the Sun

by Harold (In Andy's Ass)

I went over to the watering hole to see if any of my buddies were there. Walked in and didn't see anyone, so I decided to have a beer. In comes an old friend, haven't seen him for years, thought that he moved out of town. Andy came over and sat down.

"Hey Harold good to see you"
"Andy what a surprise"
"well my job had me travel a lot"

We talked and had some more drinks, when Andy invited me over to his place, so why not as nobody else did show up.

"nice place Andy"
"make yourself at home"

Andy came back with joints that were already rolled.

"lets smoke up for old times sake"
"man I haven't smoked in a long time"
"your gonna love this stuff"

We kept drinking and smoking joints. I was getting super high, as the night went on Andy was very close to, it seemed that he was touching me, I just too high to say anything. It got to the point that I was very far gone.

"Harold lets go to bed and sleep"
"Ok Andy where's the bed"

He got close to me and helped me to the bed,

"Harold we can sleep together tonight, just lay down and I will take off your clothes"
"ok man"

As I laid there he took off all my clothes including my underwear. I crawled under the covers, as Andy undressed. I remember him getting close to me and rubbing my side. I wanted to sleep, he took my cock in his hand and masturbated me. His cock was on my ass in my crack and up against my entrance, I was just too far gone to say anything, all I remember is cumin. I woke up the next day kinda rough, Andy was beside me naked and so was I. Thinking about last night it seemed like a dream. Andy woke up with a big smile.

"Harold I will make breakfast, juice or coffee"
"I'll call you when it's ready"

I thought about last night, as I was really high and everything was like a dream to me. Then Andy called out and I got up.

"Harold I have a great idea, how about going to that swimming hole that we went to years ago"
"well I haven't been there in years myself"
"remember how you used to undress in front of the girls and swim naked"
"yes I do"
"they all loved to see your big cock"
"how do you know"
"I heard them talking about your big cock and how they would love to have you fuck them"
"well I did fuck them but not all"
"ok then it's a plan for Saturday"

Saturday came and we left for the swimming hole, it was a long walk, maybe about one hour> When we got there it was like nice and quiet. I took off my clothes down to my birthday suit. Andy did the same. WE dove in and swam around, it brought old memories back. Andy pulls out a joint and lights up.

"Harold lets go to a more secluded place where we have privacy"

WE left our stuff by a tree, smoking his joint, we walked to the trees just beyond the tall grass. There was a nice spot so we sat down. His joint was powerful as I got high. Both were naked, laughing it up, when Andy asked me

"would you go back and get more joints from my back pack"
"sure I might as well bring everything back with me"

I went back and checked his pack for the joints but did not see them, as I looked he had a jar of vaseline and some female panties. I kinda laughed but what the hell we all have bad habits. I went back.

"Andy why do you have vaseline in your pack"
"for those dry moments"
"yes we all have dry moments, but what about those panties, are they your girlfriends"
"yes they are and should she get dry I use the lube"

WE smoked more and got very high. Andy got very close to me and said

"honey put on those panties will you"
"which pair"
"pink would look good on you"

I put on the pink panties, as Andy took the jar of vaseline and put it on his cock. He got very hard and so did I.

"Harold stand up and model for me"
"anything for you master" lol

I modeled as I thought that it was all a joke. Andy just lubed up his hard cock watching me. Then he ordered me to lay beside him. Out came another joint, then he told me

"Harlod I have always been gay and watching you back then drove me crazy, I really wanted your cock and you"
"no way you always seemed normal"
"what do you think happen when we slept together at my place"
"so it wasn't a dream"

By now Andy was putting his cock on my thigh and reaching for my cock. He then grabs my cock and masturbates me. I just laid back and enjoyed it. He pulls off my panties and pulls me close to him. He looks at my face and starts to kiss me all over, he started by my navel and worked his way up. When he got to my nipples he sucked on them then he went for my neck kissing me sensually. Andy started to lick me as well I just took it all in. Then he kissed me on my lips trying to put his tongue into my mouth. Finally our tongues met and we mixed our saliva with the tongues. He laid down and pulled me to be on top of him. AS we did we were cock to cock. WE kissed like mad pushing cock against cock. He reached for my ass and slowly went for my crack, then his fingers found my entrance, he gently rubbed the opening and slowly pushed his finger in, going in and out. Then he would go deeper. We kissed heavily and I loved his finger in my ass. He pulled out and stood up got another joint and lit up. Not saying anything he just smoked and passed it to me. As I was smoking he took my cock and I took his we masturbated until we exploded.

"What day Andy"
"yes what a day till now"
"why what is next for us"

Andy got up and brought over the jar of vaseline. He opened it and rubbed his cock with vaseline. I just looked at him as he looked at me

"Harold I have been waiting to love you for a long time"
"this has been exciting for sure as I never did it before"
"come and lay on top of me"

I got up watching his hard cock, I laid own on him, we started to kiss again. Kissing was awesome, Andy put his hand on my ass and inserted his finger, then he would pull out and dip it in vaseline. He kept lubing my ass hole until his finger slid without friction. Then he told me to get on all fours. I did as he ordered. I watched as he put more lube on his cock.

"this way nobody burns"

His cock was in between my crack with his hand he directed it to my ass hole, it rested on the entranced. He pushed his cock slowly in as my entrance opened for him. It went in slowly and when it was deep enough he started to fuck my ass. I was loving it feeling his hot hard cock in my ass. Andy was in his glory as he fucked me hard, I really wanted it now, I was enjoying his cock so much. He kept fucking me I wanted it more. Then I heard him moan loader and loader, then he yelled as he filled my ass with his cum, I could feel it warm up with his cum. Andy fell over my back breathing heavily on my shoulder blades. Then he pulled out

"man that was the best fuck ever Harold"
"hey that was so awesome feeling your cock in my ass"
"want to fuck me now"
"I am thinking about it, yes I do"
"give me a minute to catch my breath"

He reached over and we kissed again, Andy was soft and I was super hard. He gave the the vaseline, and lubed up my cock. Andy got on top of me as we kissed I put lube on my finger and lubed up his ass hole. Then he pulled away and got on all fours, I put more vaseline on my cock, then I had it on his ass hole. I could feel the hot entrance. Then I pushed it in and went slowly in as he moaned

"fuck me fuck me"
"I am"

I went slowly and deep, his ass was sensual and hot, it held my cock firmly, his ass lips were different from a cunt but I was loving it. Andy moaned

"oh god your cock is the best I thought that maybe you would be too wide but your lovely, fuck me fuck me"

I just kept fucking his ass until I exploded like never before and yelled like a man on fire. WOW no cunt ever did that to me. I just kept cumin and cumin. Finally I stopped squatting cum in his ass. I pulled out and laid down out of breath. Andy held my cock

"Harold I was waiting for you all these years, this was so amazing to have sex with you"
"yes you were wonderful to never had sex with a man before or wanted to"
"will we do it again?"

We started to kiss again, I really loved wrenching him, he was so sensual with me.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Andy"
"I can't wait to fuck you at home"
"I can't either"

We kept kissing, we just couldn't get enough of it. We got up dressed and left. WE continued to have sex on a regular basis.

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