Fun In The Car

by Daveo (Pacific)

My wife and I go to this beautiful beach in our caravan each year, there are lots of nice walks and secluded little spots one of which I have been using to do some nude sunbathing.

It is a lonely little place right on the water between two large rocks, I just take off my swimming shorts and lay there naked for an hour or so.

I must admit that at times I stroke my cock and get it nice and hard I also masturbate at this location every now and then, I get turned on after wading through chest deep water to get to this place and just love to play with my clean shaven cock and balls.

I must say I spend two or three weeks feeling very sexy and fuck my wife several times but still seem to be randy, one day I had to drive into town to get some things for my wife I thought it would be nice to feel my cock as I was driving so here am I wearing nothing but a t shirt with a pair of shorts sitting on the seat next to me.

One hand on my rock hard cock and one on the steering wheel, there are a lot of interstate trucks that use this highway and knowing full well that the drivers being so high up would see what I was doing.

I made no effort to cover up instead lifting myself up off the seat to show them my hard cock, well I sure found out that I had been spotted when two trucks travelling in the opposite direction flashed their lights and blew their horns at me, they must have passed the message on about the sexy cock they had seen on their CB radios.

I drove a little further until I came across a rest area I found a spot that was quiet enough opened the door of my car put my legs outside and started rubbing my cock.

A couple of minutes later this big rig drove up beside me the door opened and here is this truck driver with his shorts down by his knees and this huge cock standing up, I am not joking this cock was about nine inches long but as thick as my wrists.

It had a big knob almost as big as a tennis ball the first thought was how the fuck could a woman take this thing, he motioned me to jump into his truck which I did then we both got behind the seats where his bed was.

I took my t shirt off and helped him to remove his shirt before I knew it he had me laying on my back as I watched my cock vanish into his bearded mouth, he sucked it like I had never been sucked before, we then got into a 69 position while he sucked me I licked his huge cock and tried to fit it into my mouth.

Sadly it would not fit, he then got me to lay on my back got some lube and rubbed it on my cock then sat on it as my cock slid into his anus, he proceeded to bounce up and down and I squirted a massive load into him.

I rubbed his big hairy balls while he rubbed his massive cock I felt him move slightly as my cock must have hit his prostate then he let go of the biggest cum I have ever seen, it hit me on the chin and formed puddles on my belly and chest.

He got off me and helped to clean me up with a towel when he had finished he bent over me and sucked another load of cum into his mouth and swallowed it, we got dressed I got in my car he drove off in his truck, that was the best male to male experience I had ever had also one hell of a good holiday.

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