Fun At The Family Farm With My Daughter: Part 4

by Harvey (Dent)

It was that evening and Mom did her magic in the kitchen and cooked some steaks, mashed potatoes, and corn.

While we ate dinner, the phone in the kitchen rang.

Mom got up from the table and answered it. "Hi," she said, and her eyes lit up knowing the caller. "Yes, and we're having a great time so far," said mom, then she listened. "Yes tonight," she added then listened to the caller. "Okay. Love you," said mom, then she hung up the phone.

"Aunt Janelle sends her love," mom said while she sat
down at the table.

Aunt Janelle was mom's older sister. Aunt Janelle was also small, but her ass was much larger than mom. But she also inherited the small breasts that all of the
women in mom's family had.

We finished our dinner and relaxed in the living room and watched TV.

Nine that night rolled around, and the movie was over.

Mom looked at us and smiled. "It's time for some fun with Rusty," she said with a horny grin.

Jodie smiled as she loved sucking on Rusty's cock like what she had done the past three days.

Mom got up of her chair and Jodie and I got up off the couch.

We followed mom out of the house and into the barn.

Mom flicked on the light to Rusty's stall.

"Hey, Rusty. You have to horny women that want some cock tonight," said mom while she entered Rusty's stall.

Jodie entered the stall, and I stayed outside of it just to watch.

Mom and Jodie started to rub the side of Rusty.

"Yeah, boy. You have some virgin pussy to fuck tonight," said mom while she reached down and started to rub Rusty's balls.

It didn't take long for Rusty's cock to dangle down at the ground.

"Lick his balls, Jodie," mom urged.

"Yes," replied Jodie, then she knelt under Rusty and ran her tongue all around the horse's balls. She liked the feeling of it on her tongue.

While Jodie licked Rusty's balls, mom opened her mouth and started sucking on his cock. I got an instant boner watching this.

Mom pulled his cock out of her mouth and glanced at me.

"Grab that small angled table in the stall to the left," she ordered me and returned to sucking on the horse

I went into the stall and saw a small angled wooden table and brought it over to Rusty's stall.

Mom took it and placed it under Rusty with the higher end closer to his cock. She looked at Jodie. "Lie on your back on this table with your pussy aimed at his cock."

Jodie saw the table, and she knew what to do. What I didn't realize what that Jodie had watched some videos of girls fucking horses and seen this before.

Jodie got on her back on the table and scooted up.

"Perfect," said mom, then she grabbed Rusty's cock and rubbed the tip of it up and down the slit of Jodie's pussy. Jodie moaned.

I watched while mom pushed the tip of Rusty's cock into Jodie's pussy.

"FUCK!" cried out, Jodie, when she felt his cock penetrate her pussy. "It hurts," she cried out and cringed.

"It'll feel better in a minute," said mom while she shoved more of Rusty's cock into Jodie's pussy.

Jodie started humping on Rusty's cock after the pain subsided. "Feels good," she moaned out.

I heard some footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around, and my eyes widened when I saw Aunt Janelle bare ass naked walking up to me. She looked so hot with her wide hips swaying when she walked, or I guess I could say waddled. And I also loved that hairy triangle of black pussy hair. I was so happy that the women in my family didn't shave their pussies.

"Don't stand there with your mouth open in shock. Give your aunt a kiss," she said when she walked up to me.

I kissed her on her cheek.

"I mean on the lips," said Aunt Janelle, and she wrapped her arms around me and started French kissing me.

While we kissed I could hear Jodie moaning louder while more of Rusty's cock was deeper in her pussy.

Aunt Janelle pulled away from and glanced down at my cock. "Sweet," she said, and I could sense she wanted my meat.

"FFFFUUUUCCCKKK!" screamed out Jodie having her first orgasm with the horse cock in her pussy.

Aunt Janelle smiled at the sight of Jodie fucking Rusty.

She looked at me and dropped to her hands and knees. "Fuck me, Gary," she said and wiggled her big ass at me.

I couldn't resist, and I dropped to my knees behind my aunt.

I didn't waste any time and shoved my cock into her already wet pussy.

"That's it, fuck your aunt," said mom while she saw me doing her sister doggie-style.

"AHHHHHH!" cried out, Jodie, while she had another orgasm with Rusty's cock.

I started pounding my aunt and the sound of my groin slapping against her fat ass cheeks sounded so hot.

Rusty made a sound, and I looked over at Jodie.

"He's cumming," said mom.

I looked and could see horse cum spray out of Jodie's pussy while she filled her with his sperm. Seeing that was too much. "I'm cumming! I cried out and wasn't going to give my aunt any options. I pounded harder and shot glob after glob of my cum into my aunts pussy.

Aunt Janelle remained on her hands and knees for a few minutes until my cock popped out of her hairy pussy.

Mom helped Jodie get off the table and out from under

The girls watched while his cock started to shrink and go back to its hiding place.

We left the barn and went back into the house.

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