Fun At The Family Farm With My Daughter: Part 3

by Harvey (Dent)

The sun rose, and I heard "Breakfast" being called out by my mom.

I out of bed and went downstairs where Jodie was already at the breakfast table with mom.

We had an excellent pancake breakfast with mom's famous coffee. Jodie was in cotton pajamas and looked prim and proper. Mom wore her robe, and who knows what underneath.

After breakfast, mom summoned Jodie and me into the living room. Jodie and I sat on the couch per her order.

"Now, since you're staying at my house, you'll obey my rules. Do you understand?" mom said while she paced back and forth in front of the couch.

"Yes," Jodie and I replied in unison.

"Good. Now I know what happened last night in the barn," said, mom.

Jodie turned all shades of red with embarrassment.

Mom saw this in Jodie. "Don't worry, dear. I approve. As a matter of fact, I also love Rusty's cock in my mouth and pussy," she said.

Jodie's eyes widened in shock with what she just heard.

"You and Rusty?" she said.

"Yes, Rusty and I," said mom.

I looked at her and had always suspected that in mom. I over at Jodie and saw a smile grow on her face. She approved.

Mom also saw the smile on Jodie's face. "Now, since you'll be staying at my house, from this moment on, we will not wear a stitch of clothing," said mom then she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. She stood there naked.

I smiled and nodded at Jodie that it's okay. So we both stood up and stripped out of our pajamas. The three of us were now bare ass naked.

Mom looked at Jodie's naked body. "My, you've grown into a sexy young woman, Jodie," she said her eyes focused on Jodie's hairy patch of pussy hair.

Jodie looked at her grandmother and smiled. "You're still a sexy woman, grandma," she said with a horny smile.

"Thank you, darling," said mom, then she got this look in her eye. "Jodie, I want you to suck on your father's cock," she said with a tone that made it sound like a direct order.

Jodie looked at my cock that was now erect. She smiled.

"With pleasure."

"Get on your knees," said mom.

Jodie obeyed and got down on her knees in front of my crotch. She grabbed my cock and didn't waste any time shoving it into her mouth.

"Mmmm," I moaned while my cock was deep in my daughter's mouth.

"Is she good?" asked mom.

"She's a good cocksucker," I said and loved Jodie's warm mouth all over my cock.

"She's like the rest of the woman in our family. We're all good cock, suckers," said mom while she watched her granddaughter suck on her father's cock.

Jodie grabbed my ass cheeks and started to move my hips to fuck her mouth.

This was too much to handle. "I'm cumming!" I cried out.

Jodie kept my cock in her mouth, and she waited. Globs of my cum spurted out of cock into Jodie's waiting mouth.

She accepted it all like a good daughter.

I was done cumming and pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Jodie opened her mouth and showed her prize still inside.

"Don't swallow," said mom, then she got on her back on the floor. "I want some," she added and opened her mouth.

Jodie knew what this meant and leaned down. She let my cum drip out of her mouth into mom's waiting mouth.

After they were done, mom and Jodie French kissed with their tongues swirling around in their mouths tasting all of my residual cum.

Jodie and mom got up off the floor.

"Everybody, go upstairs and take a shower. We have some more fun later today," said mom then we followed her up stairs.

It was two in the afternoon, and mom placed a large blanket out in the backyard. It felt so good to be outside in the sun bare ass naked. I haven't done it since I was a teenager, and mom was out in town shopping.

Mom got down on her back in the center of the blanket.

"Come, Jodie. It's time you eat some pussy," said mom while she patted her pussy with her right hand.

Jodie smiled as eating pussy was also on her To-Do list.

"Sixty-nine," said mom when Jodie got on her knees.

Jodie repositioned herself and placed her pussy over mom's face then buried her face into mom's pussy.

It was hot to see my daughter and mom doing a sixty-nine position eating each other's pussy.

Mom's tongue ran up and down Jodie's wet pussy slit while Jodie ran her tongue up and down mom's wet pussy slit. My cock got hard watching that site.

It only took a few minutes of the two gals to lick their pussies when they both cried out in unison, having an orgasm. I thought I was going to spurt out cum.

Mom glanced at me and saw my cock. She got a smirk. "I want you on the bottom," she told Jodie. So Jodie and mom switched their sixty-nine position and went back to eating their pussies.

After their second orgasm, mom looked up at me. "I know you looked at my ass when I left your bedroom this morning. So I want you to fuck me in my ass, Gary," she said, then wiggled her ass cheeks at me.

I looked at mom's small ass cheeks. "Are you sure you're not too small?"

"Of course not. I've been fucked up my ass many times."

I knelt and stared at her small ass cheeks and asshole. I imagine a cock being shoved up there for years.

"I'm cumming grandma," cried out Jodie, then she arched her pussy up into mom's mouth, and her body shook when she had an orgasm.

"I'm also cumming," cried out mom and she pressed her pussy harder on Jodie's mouth and her body shook when she had another orgasm.

Mom's orgasm subsided. "Lick my ass first," cried out mom and she wiggled her ass cheeks at me.

I leaned down, and she moaned the second my tongue hit her puckered asshole. "I love having my ass licked," she said and pushed her ass into my mouth.

After a few seconds of licking her ass, I spit on it then pressed the tip of my cock against her asshole.

"Come on, fuck my ass," yelled mom.

I didn't waste any time, and I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole, and it slipped in. Mom moaned then returned to licking Jodie's pussy.

Mom was right, and my cock smoothly went all the way in her asshole.

So I'm there on my knees, pounding my mom's ass with my balls inches from my daughter's face. While I ass fucked mom, Jodie would occasionally move her mouth away from mom's pussy and would lick the base of my balls. In all my dreams I never thought this moment would actually

After a few minutes of my crotch slapping against mom's ass cheeks, she couldn't hold back. "FUCK!" she yelled out and had another orgasm.

Then I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'M CUMMING MOM!" I cried out.

"In my ass," said mom and she moved her mouth away from
Jodie's pussy to savor this moment.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I cried out and spurted out my globs of hot cum into my mom's ass.

I pulled it out and stayed on my knees.

Mom got off of Jodie. "Suck his cock clean of my ass,"
she ordered.

Like an obedient daughter, Jodie got up and proceeded to suck my cock clean of my mom's ass.

"Let's go inside for some iced tea," said mom while she got up.

Jodie and I held hands while we followed mom into the house.

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