Fucked Mother, Half-Brother And I

by Poslednji

Just starting in my puberty with few hairs sticking out of my face, few pubic and arm pit hairs when you masturbate at any thought of woman let alone sex, one day a boy couple of years older come to me and said “So and so (to this day I do not know who the man was) fucked your mother’s brains out in the park…” I fully understood what he is saying, but embarrassed, surprised and walked away from him.

I went to my room locked the door and the mental pictures like in the movie scene started playing in my head. I saw park trees, shrubs green grass, somewhere behind those shrubs, my mother with a stranger skirt up to her waist…naked legs and black bush just below her waist line. A man kneeling in front of her liking her pussy and clitoris, spreading her legs his head goes under her and rubbing her lower body with his tongue.

Turning around her bottom come in line with his penis which was already erected in his pants, holding her skirt with one hand and with the other hand she reached for his cock. He pulled out his cock about the size of a donkey, as I have never seen bigger cock than that.

My mother bend over rubbing her ass on his big cock, she let go of her skirt which fell down covering her legs and bottom and the man’s cock. He found her hole and penetrated her deep. From the side I could see their rhythm movements as they fucked. He was pulling and pushing his big cock into her mercilessly she was moaning then I saw his legs started to shake as he pulls out his cock and sprayed mothers back with white yogurt like substance.

Mother was fully dressed without wearing pant. She must have taken them off before. Now she took her pant out of her bag give them to the man so he could wipe all the sperm from her dress. After that she took her pant and whipped her pussy, and folding the pant she put it back in her handbag.

That was my imagination of what took place in the park. I decided to keep an eye on my mother.

Since we were poor we could only afford to rent a single room with single beds on both side of the wall, and very narrow space between mother’s bed and mine. If I was aware of sex and mother’s needs to fuck I could have seen much more fucking that took place in her bed at hand reach from my bed.

My two years older half-brother stayed couple of nights sleeping with me in my bed. That night or rather surprisingly early evening as it was relatively visible in the room without lights turned on, mother brought home a new fucker. My brother and I could see his face, I recognized him because I know his wife and daughter.

Mother’s bed was fully visible as it was under the window and the dim light coming in from outside. Without any care in the world, as if two of her kids do not exist they jumped in the bed. Mother took her dress off, revealing her undies, her bra, and her bare legs. At the same time the man took his pants down folding them neatly over the chair. I could hear brother breathing heavily at the scene in front of us.

I think both of us did not blink at all watching in awe at what is going on, our mother is about to get fuck by a stranger while two of her sons are watching. Mother went under the blanket while the man laid away from two of us, we could see by the changing shape and movements of the cover that mother is removing her bra and pant, at one brief moment revealing her legs as she lifted them up pulling her pant down over her legs.

Mother turned her back towards us, they started caressing and kissing, after a little while her leg went over the man’s body while his cock found her pussy and penetrated her. They started to fuck, my cock was up and my brother was breathing very heavily. We could see each and every squeeze of the man’s bottom as he pumped into mother’s cunt, pushing harder and harder. The bed was old and started to squeak every time mother’s cunt was penetrated.

The fucking became rhythmic as mother’s back was moving around in circle, she opened her legs wider, the man moved on top turning her body on her back the blanket almost came down revealing half of their naked bodies. He positioned over her on his hands while his cock was in her cunt. We could see her hands around his bottom helping him to fuck her deeper. Finally he ejaculated inside her.

She lifted up her ass and placed the pillow under her ass. Cock was still in her cunt filling her full of sperm, the fucking continued, this time her bottom was on the pillow so he could penetrate her pussy even deeper. His hand went down pulling his cock out of the pussy and he stuffed his cock in her ass. I figured out later that was the reason why mother placed the pillow under her ass.

He fucked her ass for a while, exhausted they laid on the bed for a moment, and the man dressed up and walked out of the room, while mother stayed in the bed putting on her bra and her nighty. In the morning mother went to work very early while brother and I slept, we woke up later and had breakfast; I noticed my brother tried to avoid looking at me. Suddenly he asked, “Do you know what was going on last night?” I replied, “Yes of course mother was fucked!”

“Did you enjoy that? I did”. He asked. “There was mixed feelings…” I said, “Something being hurt, embarrassed, exited, sexually aroused and very satisfying.” He asked again, “Would you like to fuck her?” I replied, “Oh J. how could you say that?” He insisted, “I would love to fuck her!” I said, “I am too small for her pussy.”

“Let me see your penis.” He requested. Without hesitation I took out my penis, he took a good look at it and took out his penis. It was large. To my surprise it was erected. He started to masturbate, “Come on do it.” He said. We both masturbated thinking of our mother being fucked good last night.

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