Fucked: Chapter 1

by SubSlut (USA)

(All this is real)

I am a slut. Let's start off with that. I am 19 years old and am quite sexy. I have a small petite fair face and emerald green eyes, to match this, I have medium length silky blond hair and a slender body(about 50 kg). I have small firm perky breasts and a perfect round ass. I have a tight shaved pussy and an even tighter asshole.

I often fantasise of being kidnapped, dominated by a man and fucked so rough that I can't walk. I fantasise about having my sexual will forcibly taken from me. Now enough about myself, let me tell you about this incident.(All of this has actually happened to me)

I was in the college library one day, studying for my dream career in physics.(I am surprisingly smart/nerdy) Suddenly I get a message from my roommate saying that there is an issue and need to be there immediately. I quickly leave to go to my apartment to find out what the problem is.

As soon as I reach, I take my keys and open the door in a hurry. I enter the apartment and I don't see anyone. I drop my things and go to my room shouting, "What happened?". As soon as I enter, I see muscled boys just standing there.

I barely have any time to process this because suddenly from behind someone roughly grabs me and puts his hand over my mouth. I squirm in pain as the guys in front of me grab my skirt and pull it off. The guy behind(roommate) me rips my shirt off exposing me tits rendering me completely naked.

In my mind I was confused. One of my fantasies was actually happening! Yet, something didn't feel right. Suddenly, they dropped me on the floor. All of them unzipped their pants and took out their cocks.

OH, MY FUCKING GOD! Their dicks were massive. The smallest one was 9". I didn't think they would be this big. This big was going to hurt, but then, what choice did I have? One of the boys(Dan) shouted, "ON YOUR KNEES BITCH!".

I got up to my knees and then Steve said, "Be a good little slut."

They shoved their dicks into my face. Dan grabbed my hair pushed my face toward his dick. He slapped me with it a few times till I opened my mouth and when I did, he thrust his cock down my throat. I didn't have a gag reflex, but I needed air. But he didn't care.

My body was his, I was his little slut. I started choking on his cock, but he still held my head. Tears began coming out of my eyes and he removed his hold on me. I gasped for breath. Now it was Roberts turn. He grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth.

Steve grabbed me from behind and roughly shoved a finger in my pussy. I moaned loudly. Roberts pulled out from my mouth and started slapping my face. Then the fourth guy, Daniel came in front of me. His dick was enormous. It was easily 13".......

Chapter 2 coming soon

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