Fucked By My College Professor

by Jennifer (Tennessee)

I was 18 started college a cute ref head 5'5 140 pounds chubby big breasts 40D fat ass but cute green eyes no freckles light skin tone it's ok I made friends my roommate.

Karen is awesome I tell her everything the professor we have in one class we call jabba the Hutt fat 60ish a jerk we go class and have a surprise test he hands out our work look at mine don't know anything on it.

I cheated off another paper I got caught by jabba the Hutt he takes my paper from me and said he was disappointed in me I left class he later call me and asked me to meet him at his house at 7pm.

So I went over wearing a cute skirt white blouse showing my cleavage and black boots I get to his house knocked on the door he answers invited in asking me to sit on the couch so we can talk.

He tells me that he will kick me out of his class but I need the credit I tell him I'm sorry he says there is one thing you can do I say what he sits next to me your a sexy woman if you let me have sex with you then it be ok.

I look at him stunned I can't believe what you want me to do as I'm sitting there he runs his hand up my skirt I'm not wearing panties he finds my slit to my pussy and puts a finger in me and opened up my legs.

I say no he says shh his fingers are long he finds my clit and running his fingers over it and he knows I'm get wet then he puts two fingers in me I had not had sex I a long time he goes in and out I moan then he takes me into his bedroom.

I take off my skirt he tells me to leave my boots on I take my blouse off and bra under him looking at my huge 40D breasts I let on the bed he undressed I see he has a monster cock he then sucks my breasts as I play with my clit.

I love having my breasts sucked on he then goes to my pussy licking me out tongue fucking me and he puts his lips around my clit and sucks on it I go crazy with pleasure he made me cum like no one else I'm dripping wet so horny I want his cock I tell him I'm ready.

He tells me to suck his cock oh don't tease me I want it he then rolls on his back holding his cock tells me to suck it I move over to him it's enormous so far thick huge mushroom head I barely fit it in my mouth I suck and I'm stroking him his ball are huge.

I feel him getting longer and swelling he's saying yes baby yes suck it I get up on my knees i'm looking at him I use my tongue on his head then he grabs my head shoving his cock down my throat and shots a wad of cum down my throat and I'm choking on it his cock is so far down my throat and I'm forced to swallow his cum.

He lets go of my head and I pull his cock out I get a load all over my face I then climb on top of him he holds is cock up so I can lower myself down his enormous size cock I expected him to be limp after he came but I get my pussy lips around his mushroom head as I lower it feels so hard still his cock is over 12 inches I get about 7 inches in me.

I'm riding him moaning I never had a cock more than 6 inches he says take not all bitch I say it's to big he then rolls me over now he's on top but crunching me because he's do fat he gets off me pulls me to the edge of the bed my bottom is close to falling off I open my legs wide but he pins them near my ears now he has full access.

He put his mushroom head between my pussy lips and stars to thrust he gets 9 inches in I'm moaning growing cumming oh oh then he thrusts it all in me thought I was going to split oh baby your so tight oh baby I love it he fucked me faster and faster.

I'm having huge orgasms I hear him saying oh oh oh oh yeah that's right oh he swells and he shoots a river of cum into me I think he's done but he tells me he gonna doggy style me now he pounds me playing with my huge breasts he shoots a massive load.

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