From Tip to Tip

by Frank (In Heaven)

I was working out at the gym when this guy said you really have a nice form. I was bench pressing and looked over. What did you say. He said I really like your shape. I got up and said I work out three times a week to stay in shape, my name is Frank and yours. Bert. He put his hand on my shoulder and said very nice to meet you Frank.

I responded by saying glad that you like my shape. Bert asked me if he could work out with me. I replied that would be nice. Meet here on Monday at 7pm. We got together, I noticed that Bert was upset, I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his wife left him on the weekend. He broke down and embraced me, I consoled him by holding him. Bert how about going for a drink and we can talk about it if you wish.

That would be great Frank, we over to a bar and sat down in this booth. Bert sat right next to me thighs were touching, he put his hand on my thigh, then on my hand, arm and back. Hr told me that he was really upset about her leaving him. I didn't pay attention to his touching me. We got together on Wednesday and worked out together. Bert seems to be hitting on me, I found it interesting that he was.

After our work out we took a shower together as they had two man shower stalls. Bert dropped his soap by my feet and bent over to pick it up. On his way his shoulder hit my cock. Then he hit it again as he came up, he turned off his shower as I was rinsing my hair. This time his cock brushed my hip. I found it exciting but I ignored it. We did the same on Friday, he kept touching me hand, arm shoulder with little rub here and there.

Hey Frank you have a healthy cock hanging there. The women I fuck love it. Frank its very nice to look at. We showered and I noticed that Bert would turn away and leave sooner. On Monday he did the same, then on Wednesday I stopped him and asked why he turns away and leaves. Bert turned around his cock very hard, I asked again. Look Frank when I first saw you undress and your cock just hanging there excited me very much.

I fell in love with your cock, I would watch you all the time hoping that we could meet. I just stood there looking at him, I suddenly got hard by what he said about me. I got very hard we left got dressed and left. On Wednesday before our work out I told Bert how about a shower now. Ok Frank lets do it. So we went to shower up, then his cock got hard right in front of me. I took soap and rubbed my cock, it got very hard as well.

We both stood there looking at each other. Bert got close to me with his cock. I stood there looking at it, he got closer until his cock was touching mine. His cock was rubbing mine gently. I almost melted touching his cock. He started to rub my cock from tip and shaft. Frank when I first saw you naked you blew my mind away, I just wanted your cock period. So I watched you many times and enjoyed the view.

I masturbated one time in the next stall to you. Waiting for an encounter with you. So I slowly gave you hints about my objective and we are tip to tip in the shower. Bert you seduced me I really liked your hits on me. We stepped closer with our cocks rubbing each other. I was overwhelmed by the experience with Bert. He got close where our cocks were side by side. He held them together and masturbated both.

We both exploded. We washed up and left. I did not say anything except I'll see you on Friday. We did get-together on Friday workout , there was one time as I bench pressed Bert found my cock and made me hard. By the time we undressed we were soft. Showering up Bert turned around with his hard cock looking at me, he walked and stopped when our hips were together.

Then he turned slightly having his cock rest on my ass. With his hand he rubbed my ass with it. As he worked away my cock got so hard. Bert smiled at me as he gently rubbed my cock with two fingers. He knew how to excite me. Then we turned some where our cocks were side by side. I loved it. Bert took booth cocks and masturbate them together.

I was getting so horny as to what was happening between us. Hey Frank I have some drinks at home where we could become very comfortable together. We got dressed and left. At Berts house we both undressed, our cocks hard as ever. Bert got us some drinks and sat right beside me. He said that I turned him on like no one else did. Bert I cannot believe how much I want you as well.

We started our drinks, Bert grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly, Then he got close to my face and kissed me, our lips meet, then he shoves his tongue into my mouth I did the same. We made out as he was very passionate kissing and so was I. I never had a woman this hot. He laid down over me as he was on my cock. He grabbed a jar and put lube on his fingers.

Now I got on top of him, kissing like crazy, he puts the lube in my asshole, he made it very slippery. Then he put lube on his cock. Frank I want you to taste my cock will you do it? Never did it before. Frank we all have a first time. So I got up and put his cock in my mouth, I sucked him until he cum in my mouth. It was warm, sweet and tasty. Then I swallowed.

Bert decided to kiss me, his tongue was working my mouth for cum to eat himself. Then he rolled me over and ordered me on all fours, head down. His cock found my ass entrance, then he positioned it and slowly push it in until his balls were on my cheeks. He slowly fucked me until he dropped his load in my ass. I was still hard and horny as this experience was so hot.

That I was able to fuck him as well. Well Frank is this the beginning of a good fucking relationship. Bert I have never had more passionate sex in my entire life. I want your cock, mouth and ass as much as I can love you. Frank you were a good choice, he reached over and we kissed embracing each other. Looks like well will be working out in bed frequently. I can't wait.

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