From a Fantasy to Reality

by Handsome Devil (Between my legs)

We were going out of town, about a five hour drive, go to and watch a car race. It was exciting as our turn came up to buy tickets. Hotel was booked at a decent place with bars and restaurants nearby. So by the time Bob and I got there, hungry and thirsty at that. So Hank this weekend should be awesome amigo. I sure hope so.

Down we went to the restaurant ate, then headed to the bar. So we started to drink and talk about the women, our friends and work. Hank lots of women here. Bob they are so hot to watch. We drank some more maybe after our sixth drink, Bob asked me if I ever had any special fantasies. Just one Bob that keeps coming back each time.

Care to tell me what it’s about. No. Why not Hank, can't be that secretive. It is Bob, I won't talk about it. Look Hank I have a fantasy as well, its private and that I would share it with you after you tell me about yours. Bob I said NO, now just forget it ok. Don't spoil the night will you. Wow Hank it must be special for you to react that way. It is Bob. I think we had two more drinks then called it a night and went up to our room.

Once there, we both said that would take a shower before retiring. I turned away and undressed completely, when I turned around so did Bob. I noticed that his eyes immediately focused on my cock and he wouldn't stop. So Bob are you going to take a shower or do you see something that you like, jokingly of course.

Bob replied by asking me if I wanted a drink, Sure Bob you know what I like. He made two drinks, I laid down on my bed as he did on his, both totally nude. I could see that Bob was getting hard as he stared at my cock. Come on Hank what is that fantasy of yours, you will be surprised by mine when I tell you. Look Bob it’s my secret ok, wish I never told you that.

Turned on the TV and got horny over the babes acting. My cock got hard and I was stoking gently. I looked over and Bob was stroking to me as he stared at my cock. Please Hank tells me your fantasy and I will tell you mine. We finished our drinks and Bob once again asked if I wanted another one. It’s a long night ahead why not.

So this time Bob came back, got as close to my face with his hard cock just inches away and served me. I just looked at his cock as his head was wet and hard. Then Bob stepped back a bit and sat down by my thigh just below my right hip. So Hank what was that fantasy, I know that you want to tell me, so spill the beans will you.

All the while Bob was looking at my cock, almost drooling about it. I was rock hard and now enjoying his stare, Bob see anything you love. Look Hank just tells me that dam fantasy will you. I will but tell me how much interest do you have in my cock first or no fantasy.

Bob put his hand on my thigh and slowly was rubbing and getting closer to my cock. I was getting excited about the atmosphere. Hank you have a very desirable cock and since I saw it I want it, ok. Now tell me about your fantasy. I was gently stroking my cock as Bob watched and I was enjoying that to. Then Bob started to stroke his, sitting beside me, stroking gently my thigh. I was horny and hard like mad.

Then I said Bob make sure this stays between us ok, I promise Hank. You see every time I masturbate when alone I start thinking about cock, as I masturbate and precum I take my finger lap it up and spread it over my lips and tongue, I will get stickies between my lips. Now I want that cock in my mouth, it gets closer and closer, it stops close to my mouth.

My tongue reaches for it and starts to lick the head. My tongue has precum on it, then his cock moves forward onto my lips and stops. My lips wrap around the head and suck gently, my tongue pushing into the slit. Now the cock pushes forward I open wide, slowly the cock moves in deeper and deeper along the top of my tongue.

In and out in and out in and out and then I explode, with the cock exploding in my mouth and I swallow. To make it more real I eat my own cum. Wow Hank I never heard such a fantasy but that was real hot to hear, man oh man that turned me on as well. By now Bob was rubbing his fingers along my cock and I was enjoying it.

So Bob tell me about yours now. Well Hank how big are you, eight inches, your head is so desirable and I love the curve in your cock. You’re so thick and so handsome at that. I didn't know that a cock could be so hot. Ok so you love my cock Bob, tell your secret. Now his four fingers were rubbing my cock it excited me alot.

Well Hank my fantasy started here when we took off our clothes and I saw your cock, I wanted it badly. The more I looked at it the more I desired it. I couldn't believe it how much I was attracted to. Bob was breathing heavy now and took my cock in his hand and pulled it towards him. I smiled as he held my cock, now he stoked me slowly with passion, just looking at my cock.

Hank and now I have it in my hands what a feeling this is. Bob get another drink will you. Yes I will be right back. This time when Bob came back to serve me, I told him to get real close to me standing up. He came closer until his cock was close to my mouth. I could see that he was precumin now, so I reached out with my tongue and licked his head, I started to masturbate, all the while Bob stood there holding both drinks.

I stopped and took my drink. Bob decided to lay down beside me, hip to hip. Both were rock hard no one spoke, but Bob was looking at my cock and rubbing it gently. I dipped my fingers in my drink and wet my head, I did this several times until it ran down my shaft. I finally took his cock in my hand and stroked him ever so teasingly.

Bob did the same. This went on for a bit. Then Bob looked at me and said I loved your fantasy it made me so horny to think about your cock in my mouth, I want it as much as you do. I laid there looking straight ahead with a smile, we slowly masturbated each other. I pulled Bob's hand away and put more drink on my wet head.

Again and again, Bob was watching and couldn't take it anymore. Bob yes its all yours. He got up on all fours over me and positioned his mouth over my cock, lowered his mouth onto my cock and started to suck me off. I pulled out and he rolled back. Anything wrong Hank. No Bob, masturbate me will you, then lick my head when you see precum. Thought that you never would ask. I was watching his cock at this time, I wanted my fantasy to be complete.

I got around to his cock with my mouth close to his cock. I licked his wet head, we got closer until his cock was on my lips. I went side to side until my lips were fully coated with his precum. Next he pushed his cock into my mouth, I was loving it, in and out in and out. The skin was so soft, the cock hard, my lips wrapped around his cock.

I was loving it immensely. When all of sudden he shook with a quiver and explode in my mouth. I took it all in and swallowed. I continued to suck him to the last drop of cum. His cum was salty, sweet and warm. He was still hard and I was so horny. Hank that was so hot man I loved it. Yes Bob it was just like my fantasy but real here. Hank let me finish you off, relax and let me love your cock as well.

As he spoke he masturbated me, I was loving it so was Bob. Then he put my cock in his mouth started to suck and masturbate me at the same time. After a few minutes I exploded in his mouth. Bob wanted to get up, I held his head and pushed my cock deep into his mouth until I completely finished, then I let him up. He didn't protest and had a swig from his drink.

We both laid back and finished our drinks. Both were still hard but not speaking. We were drunk I said how about one more drink, Ok Hank, so Bob got them and came back. He sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to do the same, so I got up and sat beside him.

Now he gave me my drink but said we have to mix them first before we drink them. Good idea Bob, so we both put our cocks into our drinks and mixed it up. Our cocks were in our drinks as we looked at each other.

Then we made a toast to our fantasies coming true. I put my drink down got off the bed on my knees and pulled Bob's cock out and into my mouth I realized how much I wanted his cock as well. It was exciting to make him cum again that night.

Bob masturbated me until I was to cum then he put his mouth on my cock to finish the job. We both swallowed and love it. We laid there holding each other’s cock side by side and passed out. I woke up with a hard on and horny as was Bob. We looked at each other and didn't say anything, we both rolled towards each other.

My cock hit something as we got onto our sides, I could feel something warm and soft on my cock. We just laid there looking at each other, when I started to push my cock forward rubbing against whatever it was besides mine. Hank you’re not serious are you, yes Bob I am. I held cock against cock and stroked both.

Bob smiled and said you devil you. I don’t hear any complaints do I. Hey Bob you heard my fantasy and now you will live it with me. Hank I love your cock. We spent the weekend shooting cum, sucking and masturbating together. We have been doing it together for four years now and loving every cock moment together.

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