Friends, Love and Sperm

by Carson (CA)

Josh and Terrance had gone camping up in the near-by woodsy hills where it was private and secluded. The first thing they had done was to put down their gear and pitch their tent.

Then, having accomplished that, they next thing they was to take their clothes off and enjoy the freedom and luxury of being naked together. It was wonderful being that way as friends.

Very quickly they each achieved a boner. It felt so good having their dicks stiff together as it always did. They slipped into one another’s arms and embraced as they kissed fully on the mouth, and their erections touched and rubbed down below with a pleasing male intimacy.

“Geez … if anyone saw us,” Terrance said mindfully.

“No one will. Not here,” Josh said confidently.

Josh smiled and Terrance smiled back.

It was true, here they were free to be lovingly male with one another, and to enjoy the fun and pleasure of doing that. Really this was something that so many guys did enjoy together, as did an equal number of girls with other girls.

Being homosexually indulgent in a friendship was hardly anything new, although these days it was becoming much more common and people were beginning to be somewhat more open and honest about it.

Josh and Terrance enjoyed sharing a friendly love. They had been friends now for about six months, and almost from the start they had been aware of there being that kind of rapport between the two of them.

Josh dropped down on his knees and as Terrance was standing there, he wetly slipped his friend’s boner into his mouth. Ordinary he probably would not have sucked in another guy’s dick, but with Terrance he loved doing that.

He loved feeling the large firm male shape of Terrance’s erection in his mouth. Easily he slid his mouth up and down the curved length of shaft several times and then pulled away, grinning at his friend over his playful oral indulgence.

Terrance grinned back, liking having his dick in Josh’s boy mouth. Josh played with his balls for a moment, juggling the firm oval shapes around beneath the loose skin.

Then, feeling momentarily satisfied, Josh retrieved a small bottle of lubrication and proceeded to slick some on his boner. “Let’s do it,” he said with an unconcealed eagerness.

Terrance was surprised. “What? Right out here in the open?”

“No one’s going to see us,” Josh assured carelessly. “We can do it over by those bushes.”

Not offering any argument, Terrance stepped over to the nearby bushes and got down on his hands and knees as Josh got down on his knees behind him. In the next moment Terrance felt his butt hole being pierced by Josh hard dick. It went in smoothly and without any resistance.

Terrance moaned as he once more found himself being fucked by his friend.

As so many guys did, he liked to be butt fucked by another guy. He found it very male and exciting.

Holding his hands on his friend hips, Josh stared to fuck his erection in and out, giving Terrance every hard inch of his boner again and again. It was sheer pleasure being able to fuck Terrance as another guy and he loved it.

“Geez …” Terrance breathed as the anal interaction made his boner pulses with his elevated heart beat. “Oh, man … oh, man … I love it when you fuck me.”

“I love fucking you, Terrance,” said Josh. “I love having my dick in you. It feels so good.”

To assuage his aching sexual length, Terrance took his boner in his hand to stroke.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … yeah …” panted Josh as he felt his male urge growing. He was pushing his dick in all the way up to his balls, getting his penis into Terrance as far as it would go. It was so good to have his maleness in his friend like this.

Then in the next moment he was ejaculating.

“Uh! Uhhhhhh!” Josh groaned feeling intensity of his wet discharge. He let his boner ejaculate fully inside of Terrance.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah!” Terrance gasped as he felt his friend doing this in him. This was the fulfillment of the reproductive act even between guys and Terrance loved being impregnated by his friend’s sperm. The significance was so gratifying, especially as it was Josh’s bare dick discharging his seed into him.

Quickly Terrance masturbated his own erection to a climax and ejaculated his white streams of liquid over the wild grass and plants with an uncontrolled abandonment.

“Ahhhhh … Ahhhhh …” Terrance breathed as his boner shot out his liquid discharge.

Then relief came and the satisfaction of having Josh’s sperm-filled semen intimately filling his anal sheath. Guys were just so lucky that they could use their butt in such a pleasurable and fulfilling way.

“Man, this is going to be a good camping trip,” Josh said.

“One of the best,” Terrance readily agreed. They had only been there twenty minutes and already he had been fucked. Who could ask for more?

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