Friendly Male Love

by Prentis (CA)

We were standing there naked in the kitchen gently holding one another, and my penis was nice and stiff. It felt so good and so male having a boner like that with Danny, and to see his penis being no less so.

“Oh, man …” I breathed.

“I know,” Danny agreed. “Being naked with you always makes my dick so stiff.”

We kissed, the softness of our lips touching and pressing lightly as they moved easily together.

It was so wonderful being able to have a moment like this together, one which just felt so satisfying male, and so gratifying to share as friends.

I dropped down and took Danny’s boner into my mouth. A month ago, I would have never imaged myself sucking on another guy’s dick or even wanting to. But right then I enjoyed the pleasure of being able to Have Danny’s penis in my mouth, of feeling the large smooth shape of the swollen head of his penis against my tongue, as my lips went around the circumference of the shaft. At the same time, I let my hand cup and hold and play with the firm shapes of his sperm-producing testicles as they moved freely beneath the soft skin of the scrotum. I was both delighted and excited to be doing this with him as another guy.

“Uhhh … yeah …” Danny breathed as he stood there and I slipped my mouth wetly up and down his sex organ.

I was actually sucking his boner and I loved it.

I know that when I was younger, in college, there had been boys who would suck other boy’s dicks, and that had been actually quite common. Supposedly they had not even been Gay, but had just done that as friends and for fun. To me I had thought that was sort of weird and I was sure that it had to be Gay, as in not liking girls.

It wasn’t until I had met Danny, though, and the two of us had started to become friends, that I had been presented with my first opportunity to see what it was like to be sexual expressive of feelings of male-friendship. Danny had been like me, just as inexperienced and a little unsure about this, but we had both quickly learned just what a pleasure this was. It hadn’t taken long before we were giving our first blow jobs and having anal sex.

Now, regularly, when we got together, we enjoyed being naked male lovers and freely engaging with delight in being sexually expressive of our feelings.

Sucking on Danny’s hard dick and playing with his balls was making my boner throb.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Danny breathed.

In a moment more my oral efforts were rewarded as I felt Danny’s reproductive organ suddenly ejaculating to fill my mouth with his semen. The pulses kept happening as more and more of his male liquid filled my mouth. I let it happen and swallowed and swallowed again. I heard him moan as he was being male in my mouth.

When he finished, I pulled my mouth away and swallowed again, tasting his masculine flavor.

My boner was unbelievably rigid.

“I need to take care of mine in your butt,” I said.

Danny had no objections. He turned and put his hands on the edge of the counter as I reached for a bottle of lube to slick my cock with. Quickly and easily I pushed my sex organ into his butt, sliding it fully into his male vagina.

“Uhhhh …” he groaned with my penetration.

“Oh … yeah …” I breathed and I stared to fuck my dick in and out of him in a way that was so personal and desirable to do.

I fucked my boner in and out quickly and efficiently, with my rigid male length plying his anal depths again and again. It felt so good to be in Danny like this in a one guy to another way. Suddenly I was ejaculating in him, giving him my sperm as it wetly surged out.

Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” I grunted with each delivering spasm.

“Oh, yeah …” Danny sighed as he felt my release taking place deep inside of him, deriving the pleasure of being fucked like this as a guy.

At last it was over for both of us. Once more we had been successfully loving in sharing our feelings of friendship in the way that only two guys could. It felt so good and so wonderful.

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Feb 16, 2021
If Only NEW
by: Jason

I read this stry withgreat interest.

About two years ago a friend and I had this homosexually engagng moment and we had anal sex. We had sort of started playing around together just for fun, with both of us being fairly cautious. Then for some reason we just wanted to go all the way with each other.
Unfortunatelt this proved to be a mistake for us. He was shocked and afterwards thought that we were being gay and that really scared him. It ruined our friendship and we stopped being friends. I just thoughtthat it was two friends fucking. Silly me.
Then a year later I had the opportunity to have a fling with another friend and we fucked and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He wasn't gay and neither was I. It was just two friends having some fun togther.
It was nice though reading a story where the guys aren't gya and just average, regular guys. Unexpected and kind of like truth in advertising.

Feb 16, 2021
by: Bryan

A little over a year ago I had a fling with a male friend. Neither of us were gay, although we were very wary of this when we first started and din't want to look likr we were gay.
Then we started feleing more comfortable about it and pretty much said to heck with worrying about how it might look or be labled, and we just started enjoyng ourselves.
There is just too much Gay stuff in the world and an emphasis on that. Isn't it tme we got away from that?
Anyway, I had this brief and fun male-romance and with no regrets, guilt or wondering what does it mean bsides exctly what it does mean.
So a very good story that maybe will help a lot of guys open up and loosen up.

Feb 16, 2021
Gay Not Reuired NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was qute young I happned to secretly see two men having sex. I was quite astonished and fascinated by this. I didn't know a lot about sex, excpet that it was something men and women did to have babies. I had no idea that two guys could do that together.
I was very curious and wodnered what it woyld be like to do domething like that with another guy, together as fiends.
It was another two years before I had an opporunity to find out what this was like with a friend. We btoh liked girls, but it wasgreat doing that as boys and as friends. A whole new world opned up to me that I didn't know existed. After that I started aving sex with a number of other boys who were just like me. hey all liked girls too, but it was fun and easy and extremely enjoyable to do things like that with another boy.
I never became gay becaue of this. I wa smaried and thn divorced, and I now have the freedom to enjoy male-friendships in that way once more. Apparently so do a lot of guys.

Feb 14, 2021
Surprising Facts
by: Jerry

It's surprising just howmany stories on heer really aren't about gays, but more about friends enjoying each other's maleness in the way that so many friends can and do.
I really wish, adn I am hoping, that we are finally start to move away from this "everything is gay" rotuine that everyone has been doing. Mle friend - and female friends - have long had and enjoyed moments together without being gay or lesbian.
So let's stand up for the just the evryday things that go on without plastering a lable all over it!

Nov 28, 2020
Good Stuff
by: Rick

I remember fucking like that with a friend and it was so great and so easy!

Nov 06, 2020
Really Good
by: Anonymous

Greta story! Takes me back to my early days with a friend when it wa snice to express our feelings with each other in that way!

Oct 23, 2020
by: Anonymous

Wow lovely story I did try it when I was in high school with my friend. I was his bottom. Sex was very nice and he always cum in me love to hear more from you

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