Friendly Guy Love

by ST (CA)

“Oh, yeah …” Denny breathed feeling the male-interaction taking place in his butt as he leaned over the bed. “I love being fucked by you, Jason.”

“I love fucking you, Denny,” Jason said as he stood behind his friend, moving is hips, with his lubricated erection sliding easily in and out of his friend’s warm, tight anal sheath.

The two of them delighted in the secret affair that they had been having for the last six months. It was so just so pleasingly and satisfyingly male in a way that was wonderful to be able to experience together as friends.

Denny had come over to Jason’s place that morning, and they happily gotten naked to engage in intercourse. As most guys did, Denny found it so thoroughly enjoyable to be fucked by another guy, and with Jason he could enjoy this without embarrassment, just as Jason could with him.

It was so incredibly special to be able to put their penises in each other’s butt as an expression of friendship, and to use both the pleasure and the intimacy of the physical reproductive act to accomplish this. Although it had always been that way, these days it was becoming so much more common for two friends to share such a loving interaction.

The two of them had started to become friends a year ago, and the male-chemistry between the two of them had revealed a desire for them to be close. Although both had been hesitant at first to reveal this desire, as unaccustomed as either was about doing that with another guy, yet they had managed nevertheless to be encouraging of it. Then one day, simply because it seemed like an agreeable thing to do together as friends, they had kissed. Their lips had come together with a soft warmth that had felt so good.

As they had kissed, and then kissed again, each had felt himself responding quite naturally and easily with an even more encouraging erection. Unsure, each had let his hand feel the other’s response. Then, fumbling, they had opened each other’s jeans to feel the other’s bare hard dick. Letting nature take its course, they had ended up masturbating each other to a very satisfying wet ejaculation that was so great to share.

It was a first for both of them, taking care of another guy’s sexual needs, and it had been so deeply satisfying to do.

Feeling nothing less than enthralled by their new experience, the next time they had gotten together, they had proceeded to repeated the experience but doing so with far less hesitation. Even working up the courage to take the other’s erection in his mouth, even if not to completion, It had been so excitingly uninhibited to actually suck on each other’s hard dick and to do that together as guys.

The next time they had done this, they had ejaculated in each other’s mouth to taste the male flavor of semen. This had occurred twice before Jason then took his erection all the way in Denny’s butt, with Denny doing the same to him.

Right then they had both known that their love making was the perfect thing for them.

Once more that morning Denny waited eagerly for Jason to ejaculate and fuck his sperm into him as he felt his friend’s hard duck penetrating his anal depths again and again. Having his tight, sensitive butt hole stimulated like that was making his boner aching stiff so that its rigid length throbbed with his elevated heartbeat. The head of his dick was completely swollen to its limits, becoming shiny smooth and a deep shade of purple-red.

“Oh, Jason …” Denny breathed, only just able to tolerate his being fucked like that. “I’m going to cum …”

In the next moment Denny gasped as his erection shot out his semen in long streams that went flying across the bed in repeated pulses that took his breath away. He found it impossible to contain his excitement when he was being fucked and it always made him ejaculate uncontrollably.

“OHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Denny gasped as his dick wetly fulfilled its male purpose.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah!” Jason said feeling the intense excitement of making his friend cum. He felt Denny’s butt hole clamp down on his dick. Then suddenly he was ejaculating, too. His boner throbbed unrelentingly deep inside of his friend, delivering his male liquid in a creamy overabundance.

“UHHHHH!!! UHHHHHHHH!!! UHHHHHH!!!” Jason groaned with his wet intimate discharge.

It was almost too much for Denny to stand, ejaculating like that, and being ejaculated into all at the same moment. His knees felt weak beneath him, and his bare toes gripped at the fibers of the carpet. It was just too good to feel Jason’s sperm in him, impregnating him.

“Ohhhh … yeah …” Denny breathed with a deep satisfaction.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Jason breathed as well as his penis finished discharging the biological substance of his sperm into his friend.

They could both could now only stand there recovering from the intensity of their shared experience, feeling a wonderful satisfying conclusion.

They both smiled and then laughed over the fact that they had just once more successfully fucked as friends. Six months ago, neither would have ever dreamed of doing this with another guy. And now, it seemed unthinkable of the two of them not doing this together as friends.

Jason leaned all the way over while his penis was still in Denny’s but, and they kissed.

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