Friendly Fling

by Dale (NV)

Devon enjoyed going over to Mike’s apartment and having his butt fucked. That was his secret pleasure. The thing was that he wasn’t gay. Mike really wasn’t, either. It was just something that guys could enjoy together and did.

For the last two months they had been getting together and enjoying this arrangement. The two of them being friends and sexual together.

Devon lay face down on the bed with Mike on top, slowly and leisurely fucking his hard dick into his butt, the lubrication allowing his insertions to be smooth and easy.

“Ohhh …” Devon breath, “this feels so good.”

“It feels good being in you,” said Mike as he moved his hips rhythmically to slide his stiff penis in and out of Devon.

Devon was good looking, slender, with dark longish hair. Mike had a slightly more muscular physique and short sandy hair. His dick, like Devon’s, was average and easy to accommodate.

Devon had fucked him a few times, and Mike had enjoyed it. Although usually Devon preferred to be the one to be on the receiving end like he was that morning, loving the stimulation of having his tight butt hole stretching around Mike’s hard dick and feeling its length going deep into his anal sheath.

With each other they were free to enjoy the luxury of male sex without embarrassment or any concern about being labeled as being gay. It always felt wonderful getting naked together and being loving in just a friendly way, finding their shared maleness rewarding to experience like so many guys actually did.

Again and again Devon felt Mike’s maleness going into him with a satisfying stiffness, doing so gently and leisurely as they both took pleasure in their unhurried expression of friendship. When Mike pushed all the way in like he was doing, Devon could feel his balls loosely coming up against him and he liked that.

Mike could feel the enticing caress from the soft interior of Devon’s anal sheath making the urgency slowly build within his stiff organ as he gave Devon every inch of its curved length. That, and just the pleasing idea that he was actually fucking Devon as another guy was such a luxury to enjoy.

For Devon the repeated penetrations of his sensitive butt hole were making his own erect penis stiffer and stiffer as it pressed beneath him into the soft sheets of the bed. He really liked being fucked like this.

The two of them had met two months before and had started to become casual friends, and somehow they had managed to be cautiously revealing of perhaps their being interested in allowing their budding friendship to include more. Something that was not always easy for basically straight guys to do. Yet, their mutual desires had become readily apparent and both welcomed this.

As Mike continued to nakedly fuck his boner into Devon he smiled and there was a look of intense pleasure on Devon’s face.

“I’m going to cum …” Mike announced, finding that his he could not hold back his urge.

Devon waited for this to happen as he felt Mike push his erection all the way into him and keep it there as he climaxed.

“Uhhh … Uhhhh …” Mike groaned as the semen surged through his hard penis and pulsed out in liquid spurts, delivering his sperm into Devon’s male body.

“OH!” Devon gasped as he experienced the fulfillment of receiving Mike’s biological substance and how significant this was, suddenly exciting him and making his own boner ejaculate wetly against the bed. “OH! OH! IOH! OH!”

It was wonderful climaxing together.

The moment was so incredibly male.

Feeling the pleasing satisfaction of his penis having fulfilled its purpose Mike leaned down and Devon, feeling the same satisfaction, turned his head and they kissed on the lips.

Once more it was such an incredible moment for them to share as two guys and as friends.

I have never considered myself to be gay, but a few years ago I discovered the enjoyment and pleasure of male sex with a friend. Something that is becoming increasingly more and more common between friends these days and less hidden – finally. I thought that I would share this for those out there who feel the same.

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