Fresh Gay Love

by Dan (SC)

“Ah … Ah …” Brain moaned as he felt his sensitive butt hole stretching around the thick circumference of Dave’s large boner.

“Oh, yeah …” Dave breathed as he sank his erect penis fully into Brian’s anal sheath, going all the way in up to his balls.

Brian felt impaled on the maleness of his friend’s sexual spear as he leaned forward, his bare toes spreading on the smooth floor. He loved getting fucked like this. There was just nothing better than getting it in the ass.

He was only twenty-one, and had just had his first gay experience two months before. Dave was thirty-two and openly gay and had been only too happy to introduce his younger fiend to the pleasures of gay sex.

Brian recalled how the first time that he had been naked with Dave his surprise and amazement over how good it felt getting a boner with another guy. It was just so excitingly masculine. They had kissed and held one another.

Then Dave, with a smile on his face, had Brian suck on his dick. He had cum in his mouth in quite a cavalier fashion, giving him the full measure of his semen and for the first time Brian had tasted another guy’s male essence.

Then half an hour later Dave had fucked him, sinking his lubricated boner into Brian’s untested butt. Brain had whimpered and loved it, becoming so excited that he had ejaculated while Dave was doing that to him.

“Oh, Dave … I love how it feels to have your hard dick in me!” Brian exclaimed as Dave.

“I love having my dick in you. I’m going to fuck your ass so good,” Dave said.

Dave started to fuck his hard penis in and out of Brian’s butt, plunging smoothly into Brian’s male depths again and again.

“Yeah … Yeah … Yeah …” Dave chanted with his insertions.

Brian was panting. “Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …” he breathed as Dave’s thick boner slide back and forth through his tight opening, each time with its length going in deep to fill his accommodating anal sheath. The stimulation was incredible and making his own boner rigid as it curved out and up from between his legs showing his response.

Dave’s actions were leisurely as he savored the pleasure of boning Brian again that morning. The fact that he was the first to introduce Brain to male sex was so fulfilling. It was passionate and loving and he knew that Brian was falling in love with him. Dave didn’t mind that, as he was discovering his own feelings for the younger male

Over and over Dave felt the soft interior of Brain’s anal sheath caressing his boner and teasing the enormously swollen head of his dick. Brain loved having Dave’s erect penis in him, intimately conveying his maleness in a way that was both so exciting and gratifyingly all male.

“Oh! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” Bran gasped with uncontrolled arousal.

The semen spewed from his rigid penis in long streams. His forceful throbbing ejaculation sending his white liquid flying through the air to land six feet away with the distance revealing the intensity of his climaxing.

“AH! AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!” Brain choked as his boner spontaneously shot out his release. He felt his butt hole tighten and grip the thickness of Dave’s bare boner and it was about all he could do to keep from passing out.

“Oh, yeah!” Dave said, loving Brian’s uncontrolled response.

Suddenly his boner was ejaculating fully inside of the younger male and he was once more filling Brian’s anal sheath with his wet sperm. It felt so good having his boner being reproductive in him like this. Even without fertilization, it was just as significant to impregnate him.

“UHHHHH … UHHHHH … UHHHHH …” Dave grunted as he let his boner fulfill its male purpose, the semen pulsing repeatedly up his hard length and exiting through the enormously swollen head of his penis. He had his hard dick in Brian as far as it would go. “UHHHHHHHH …”

When it was over for both of them they caught their breath.

“I just love you so much,” Brian said unashamedly.

“I love you, too,” Dave said without hesitation. He grinned. “I guess that I had better considering what I just did in your butt.”

Brain wrinkled his nose and laughed. It was so wonderfully male.

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