Found out I’m Gay

by Yani (Bahrain)

When I discovered my sexuality, I realised that I am not only attracted to women. I wanted to get fucked in the ass so, so bad. I was craving for it like crazy. I found out that when I was sitting on the toilet and I wanted to wash my anus, every time I put my finger in it, it felt delicious! and specially When I masturbated, I enjoy more when I inserts my finger or a candle, and then I was searching around the house for something that I can insert into my ass. One day I decided to join gay exchange site. As soon as I registered, I got a message from a guy. I was so nervous to chat with him, my whole body was literally shaking and sweating, just as right now when I'm writing this.

I chatted with him lots, he sent me pictures if his dick, believe me when I say, it was thick and long as fuck.

After a month of talking, he said we should meet but I refused as I was too nervous.

It was a beautiful sunny day, in the town I lived. I was jogging home, when I got really horny. I got a boner and I just couldn't resist texting him. My whole skinny-athletic clean-shaved body wanted to feel him inside me. So I texted him to meet in 45 minutes in the beach side.

I wore light clothes, my smooth body was ready for him to rip it apart as he dominates me. Every second felt like an eternity as I was waiting for his car to arrive. I was just standing there, waiting to get fucked. The biggest object I ever had in my virgin ass was a candle, not thicker than one finger.

I was sweating and nervous, finally his car arrived. He got out, and instantly grabbed my balls. He squeezed them hard, it really hurt, and he led me by my balls to the front of his car. I could only go where he wanted, him squeezing my balls was basically a human leash. The sun began to set.

He put me on the car hood and took my clothes off. I was laying there on my back with my innocent virgin body, on his car in the wild, he had full control over what happened, it was so erotic.

He pulled his enormous stone-hard dick out, spreaded my legs, put some lube on my smooth tight virgin asshole and looked me in the eyes.

Next thing I feel, he leaned on me and placed his dick against my ass. "I am extremely tight, he didn't even finger me, this is gonna hurt" -I thought.

My whole body was shaking, I was waiting for this moment so long. Finally, he started to push his enormous dick inside me. Since he inserted his dick It was hurtful so much, but at the same time it was infinite pleasure. My small ass got stretched out to the max to let him inside. I could feel every inch of his veiny penis slide in as he had no condom on. Inch after inch I could feel him penetrating deeper and deeper, stretching me out even more.

He penetrated me so aggressively, my asshole began to bleed a little bit, but I told him do not stop I want this. He was all in. I could feel it as I was literally full, it was so painful and so nice I couldn't even move, I moaned loudly. He then started to ram my ass mercilessly. After 10-15 strokes I came as hard as I ever did, my semen sprayed all over, it was my first prostate orgasm. He started to fuck me even harder and faster. My butt was enjoying every moment of it despite the pain.

After a few minutes of rough fucking he started breathing heavily and went balls deep, pushed his whole dick in as deep as he could. I knew exactly what was coming. He stopped and looked me in the eyes as I could feel his penis throbbing deep inside me. He pumped me full of cum, I felt every drop of it, it was glorious. He then dressed me up as my ass was still full of semen. I went home and for the whole day cum was just dripping out of my destroyed asshole, sliding down my thighs. Every time I think of the moment, I lost my virginity I get horny and want to get destroyed by him again.

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