For Rick, ...You Asked For Another Story...

by Dave (NJ)

Remembering fondly my teenage sexual escapades. Here’s another one that I believe should get you stroking your cock. Maybe some of you have had similar experiences.

So my buddy & I had been sucking each other off & swallowing for several months but had not tried anal penetration yet. There was a girl a year older then us living in the same neighborhood.

She was kind of a slut but to me that was all just rumors. I mean she went to an all girl’s catholic school & was a good girl. One day I went to go suck my friend’s dick in his pool house but when I walked in he was with this girl & she was sucking his dick.

She looked right at me & kept on sucking. So I walked in, shut the door, took my pants off, & started stroking my cock watching them. She told me to come over so I did & she grabbed my cock & licked the head & then my shaft then my balls. All the time still holding my friend’s cock in one hand.

She went back to his cock for a while, I undressed her and started licking her tits. After I took off her pants she laid back, spreading her legs open for me to taste pussy for the first time. I loved it.

While I was licking her snatch, she continued to suck my buddy’s cock. She started telling me how awesome I was at what I was doing: “You lick pussy like a lesbian. You know exactly how to play the game.” She exploded, squirting her cum all over my face.

My friend knelt down to taste her pussy, repositioning ourselves, she started rewarding me for my efforts. Now she sat on my buddy’s face while I stood straddling his hips while she sucked my cock.

She caught me staring at his cock. Without hesitation I got on my knees, stared her straight in the eyes and guided his cock into my wanting mouth. She immediately came again. Saying how hot this was and how she had never seen a guy sucking dick.

My friend lasted another minute then he filled my mouth with his warm cum. She came a 3rd time squirting all over his stomach and my face. Leaning forward I was heading to swap cum with my buddy but she intercepted . So we cum kissed, then he kissed her.

While she was kneeling and kissing him, I started licking her asshole. She squealed and begged me not to stop. After a few minutes she asked me to try to put my dick in her ass. I was only able to just get the head in a little bit. But that was all it took. I came all over her ass and she came all over my friends face. He was down there getting a really good view.

I watched as my fresh spunk rolled down the side of her bubble butt then dripping into my friends open mouth. He then moved to lick all my cum from her ass and started licking her asshole. This got him 100% hard again & he wanted to fuck.

Rolling me over on to my stomach, he licked my ass & spat into it, then he fingered me and spat in it again. Guiding his cock in me I gasped. It felt so awesome! I told him more & I can take more. Before long he was balls deep in my virgin ass. He started pumping my ass while she watched the whole thing.

He started frantically pumping my ass and I knew what was about to happen. I knew he was going to cum in my ass. I also knew I wanted him to. He wanted to. We had talked about it before. I told him to fill my ass with your cum. He shoved his cock all the way in and unleashed a torrent of boy spunk filling me. He pulled out and I just laid there. I didn’t want to move. I swear I could feel his swimmers moving inside me.

The whole time our girlfriend had been playing with her clit getting herself off. She said that was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. I agreed. We all started kissing each other and got dressed. The next day was Saturday &there was a pool party with lots of neighbors and families. This girl & I found ourselves alone in the changing room. We got into a quick 69 and pretty much cummed together.

There was a knock at the door, it was our friend. She opened the door & pulled him in. She immediately cum kissed him& stroked him off into my mouth. All this with 30 people right outside. I swallowed his cum. I was developing a true appreciation for cum. The smell, the taste, how smooth it gets when you roll it around on your tongue. And how hot it is when you let it roll off your tongue into a slut’s mouth.

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