For Angela, The Struggle

by Dave (Hamilton, NJ)

Part 1

Well Angela, if you liked the story of my teenage MMF 3-way, here’s one that always makes my toes curl when I remember my 22nd summer.

Working as a beach lifeguard that summer (1986), I spent all day staring at women in hot bikinis. Best job I ever had! I also attracted the attention of quite a few of them.

There was one woman about 35 years old. Every day for a week she brought me drinks and lunch. I’d see her laying out with her husband and they would often get very affectionate in public.

I accepted their dinner invite and so after work on Friday, I walked with them back to their rented beach house. We drank, ate, drank more, partied some & then....

Mark asked if I’d like to get it on with his wife Rachel. I was shocked but open to it. “Rachel, he said yes! “Mark shouted to her in the kitchen. She came out naked & walked up to me and asked if I knew how to eat pussy.

“I love licking pussy,” I told her. She pushed her ass into my face and I started licking her asshole as she ground her nicely shaped round cheeks all over .

“Is he in your ass, honey?” Mark asked her.

“Yes, he’s really good. Watch how he does it.” She instructed him.

So Mark got real close and then we switched places.

While he licked her ass, she started sucking my cock. It was great.

Then she saw me staring at his dick. It was big, I told him he had a big cock. He stood up, moved over to me and placed it right in front of my face. She said, “Go ahead, you can touch it if you want. We were wondering, hoping actually that..”

She never finished the sentence. I grabbed that cock and had it in my mouth in 5 seconds.

More to cum in part 2

Part 2

I continued to suck this beautiful cock while Rachel watched. She positioned herself over my lap and sat on my cock. We shared his cock in our mouths. Then he grabbed my head and started thrusting harder & harder.

Unleashing a torrent of cum, I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. His warm yummy jizz leaked from the corners of my mouth. Rachel licked it all off my face. I held a lot in my mouth then I cum kissed her, snowballing her husband’s cum between us. This all of course sent me over the top. I filled her pussy with the biggest cum load I’d ever made.

She got on her knees over Marks face and it all dribbled into his mouth. After that he started sucking my cock. He got it hard again and told me he wanted a dick in his ass. Rachel lubed his ass and my cock and guided me in his ass.

She got very vocal directing the whole affair.

“Take that cock my sissy husband. Fuck his ass harder, make him scream. Now pull out and cum on his pretty face.”

We both obeyed her. I fucked him really hard and came all over his face, his forehead, cheeks, hair, everywhere.

Afterward, we partied some more, had ice cream, then I forcefully fucked her in front of Mark. I turned her over, told her husband to get her ass ready for our cocks. He laid down as I guided her ass onto his cock. I then shoved my dick in her ass too.

We dp’d her ass for quite a while then he came, went limp and fell out. I continued to pound her sloppy cum filled ass until I pulled out and spunked all over her ass cheeks. He licked all my cum off her ass then they kissed.

I just grabbed my clothes and walked home.

I never saw them again....too bad, I really wanted marks cock to fuck my ass...

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