Following Wife's Father to a Gloryhole

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

My wife's mother passed away and her father was lonely. He did not date anyone so I knew that he was not getting any. I tried to figure out how to help him out. So one day when my wife was out shopping I approached him and told him about gloryholes at local adult bookstores.

I explained the process and told him that there was no commitment and he would never know who was in the other room. I told him that he really needed to go check it out. When my wife got back I told her that I had talked with her father about going to the local adult bookstores and visit a gloryhole. I knew that he would check it out.

That night I talked to my wife while we were in bed. I told her that we should follow him and get the booth next to his. She asked me what I had in mind and I told her that she should be the one to help him out. I got her to agree to go through with it.

After talking to her father I knew when he was going to go. So on Saturday night when he said that he was going to the store I knew were he was really going. I told my wife that we need to let go. So after he left we got into the car and follow him on the way I told my wife to remove her bra which she did and threw it into the back seat.

I then told her to open the glove box because I had a mask for her to wear so she wouldn't be recognized. She put the mask in her purse 👛. We arrived at the adult bookstores as her father was walking in. I parked and we went in without being seen by him.

I watched as he slowly went into a booth so I got her and we quickly went into the booth next to his. I watched as she put on her bright red lipstick 💄 💋 and mask. I went behind her and took off her top exposing her small breasts. I was not worried about him recognizing her voice because she was very good at designing it.

I told her that I was going to knock on the wall and I wanted her to tell him that she would suck his cock if he put it through the hole in the wall. It didn't take long before his cock came through the hole and she put her hands around it and started stroking it.

She then moved her head closer to his cock head and then kissed it. She slowly took the head into her mouth 👄 and I noticed her liking it. She then took more of his cock into her mouth moving her head up and down on the shaft.

I got behind her and whispered in her ear that she needed to let him cum in her mouth and swallow his load. She remarked that she would. After five minutes he yelled that he was going to cum so she picked up the pace.

When he started to cum in her mouth she tried to swallow it all but there was just too much cum and it started to come out the sides of her mouth dripping down on to her small breasts. When he was done she opened up her mouth to show me his cum than swallowed it.

I told her that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. When I looked at the other side I noticed a large black cock sticking through the hole. She asked me what to do. I told her that since she had never sucked a black cock she should try it.

I was surprised when she went over and started to suck it. She also let him cum in her mouth but she didn't swallow she let the cum run out of her mouth on to her chest and started rubbing in all over her tits. That was one fun night 🌙.

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