First Time

by Yani (Bahrain)

Me and Allan we met in the City Center Mall in the Starbucks coffee shop. In 2019, Allan used to come from Saudi Arabia every week to spend the weekend and we became friends. sometimes we used to meet there weekly by chance then by the passage of time we exchanged contact numbers and we stayed in touch. One day he asked me to go to the hotel and sit in the coffee shop instead of going to City Center.

I went There and we sat in the coffee shop for more than two hours and then he asked me to go up with him to his room, in the room we were talking about different topics and he was complaining of pain in his shoulders I told him to go to the hospital to get the x-rays, but he refused and said he was just tired of making an effort yesterday in his garden, then I went behind him and I asked him where is the pain and I put a little pressure on his shoulders and massaged them and his neck, after 15 minutes I asked him how do you feel?

He said it is wonderful! then I continued for a while and then I don't know how I dared and hugged him from behind! The wonder is that he didn’t say anything … he became calm and didn’t talk .. I pushed him forward to the bed to be on his stomach and I ride on his back and I was rubbing my penis on his body .. and then I asked him to turn on his back and I took the initiative to give him a kiss in his mouth .. but he turned his face and said No , he refused and he didn't respond to me and said He never did it before!

After some attempts, he gave in and agreed to have sex with him and i remembered I fucked him three times ... and after that day we became best friends (lovers) and we meet almost every week in hotel just to have sex and he was always my bottom and I was his top. that time I was straight and I was never been under any other man, but I was fucking myself by using dildo, self-fingering and inserting cucumber in my ass. and one day I decided to be bottom and Allan would be the first man to have ass!

I was confused how to tell Allan an to fuck me.. I remembered that I have a Russian friend named Tony. He certainly has a solution.. After that, Tony and I planned and put such a plan.. and indeed we succeeded. To prepare for this day I decided to use a dildo I have to least give my hole a little stretch so it would make his slide in easier.

I rode my dildo for a few mins and then got myself cleaned up and headed off to his hotel where he was already waiting to be fucked as usual, but I was going there for another purpose. I walked into his room and we immediately embraced in a hot make out session. I could feel his cock get hard rubbing against my already hard cock. He let me lead him to the bed where he would grab my cock the whole time.

As we walk into bed we strip out of our clothes and back to making out feeling our naked hairy bodies against each other. He starts kissing down my neck, down to my nipples, giving them a kiss and suck. I let out a moan and he continue on down to my 6” cut cock. He takes it all into his mouth in one gulp, I let out a loud moan as I watch him start working my cock in and out of his mouth. As he’s sucking me I spread my legs out and he slides a finger under my balls and I guided his hand up to my hole.

I start moaning more telling him how great it feels. Allan starts rubbing my hole with his finger slightly pushing in on my tight hole. I let out a moan and telling him I need his cock in my mouth NOW! He pushes me back on the bed and then gets into the 69 position and I started sucking his thick cock. I take all of it into my mouth gaging on it. I’m too caught up in sucking him that I didn’t notice that he grabbed some lube and lubed up his finger and was sliding it into my hungry hole. I let out a muffled moan as his cock was filling my mouth.

I lay on my back and arch my butt up so he can get in there better. He starts fingering my ass and I just start moaning louder, grabbing the sheets and moving my hips to the motion of his hand. I moan out to Allan “I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours” “bareback my tight hole” that’s all I had to say and before I knew it my legs were up on his shoulders, my hole completely exposed. He looked me in my eyes and said “look at this tight dark hole” I told him “it’s all yours to fuck” he lubed up his cock and started pushing it in.

He got the head in and I had to stop for a min, he was so much bigger than my dildo, he slides slow into me and then tells me he’s halfway in. He looks at me and asks if I’m sure and I said “mm yes I’m great!” He slides more into me, and then he starts to slowly fuck my tight ass. At first, I was little uneasy with the pressure I was feeling down there but soon I lost all control of my body. I was in heaven! It was a feeling I never had before. The pressure turned to pleasure, he was making me feel so good!

I was moaning so loud that I’m sure his neighbors or next rooms could probably hear me ( they are like 20 yards away too) I grabbed his sheets and dug my heels into his back and said “don’t stop, ohhh fuck yes Allan don’t stop” he started thrusting harder and harder. I didn’t realize that he wasn’t touching my cock and I wasn’t either but I felt like I was about to bust. Then it occurred to me that he was pounding my prostate with every thrust, and that I was about to experience my first ever prostate stimulation orgasm.

He started going harder and I just grabbed two fist full of sheets and screamed “oh fuck yes!” I shot rope after rope of hot cum all over us. He continued pounding my hole as I was just in absolute heaven. I’m just a few more pumps Allan was pumping my hole full of cum! he said “ I’m going to breed this hole Yani” I let out more moans telling him “make this hole yours buddy! Breed me” he pushed deep into me and let what felt like 6 huge ropes of cum into my ass!

After this meeting, we became multi-role, (versatile)and we enjoying our self and giving pleasure to the partner and we able to bring Jay with us in the threesome sex, and he is also perfect and wonderful in his bi roles.

That was the first penis in my ass ! and after that I don’t remember how many times, I been fucked but now I’m sure i became gay..

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