First Time With A Trans Woman

by Q (Miami)

Ok first I’ll start off by saying that I always find myself attracted to woman still to this day, but something about a fat ass tranny I find attracted on this day and now.

I was at work bored and horny on the weekend and wanted to fuck so bad. I was scrolling through ads online and came across this fine ass Latina tranny.

I contacted her and she was down as long as her payment was in hand. Remind you guys I never did this before but I was so horny I was like fuck it.

I came off of work now contacted her again she gave me directions to her home in downtown Miami.

I finally reach her home now I sat in the car and was contemplating if I should go through with this but I was so horny my dick overrule my mind. So I entered her building walked up the stairs and knock on the door two times.

She opened the door in just a black lace bra and black thongs. I swear she look even better than the pics. She was about 5’8 long black hair, huge tits, fat ass like I said aging around 35-40. Yes I fucked a milf tranny lol.

As I enter the door she instantly hugged me and kiss me. She barely spoke any English but I didn’t care. At this time all the contemplating was over I was starting to get comfortable.

We enter her room and she asked for the cash so I handed it to her. Then then party really began, she drop my pants and instantly get to sucking on my dick that was already rock hard as shit.

For 5 mins straight she suck almost came but I stood my ground. She then ask if I want to eat her ass. I was like hell yea I never did before but come on ride my fucking face.

She climbed on top and rode the fuck out my face while she stick slapping all over my chest. Shit got me harder and harder. She then climbed off and ask to fuck her in her ass. She grabbed a condom and put it on my dick with her mouth.

Then climb on top and rode the soul out of my dick. I swear I almost bust again but I stood strong cause I really wanted to fuck that fat ass from the back. I told her change position she got up and went in doggystyle.

From the time I enter her ass again I know I couldn’t last any longer so after about 2-4 minutes stroking that beautiful fat ass I came deep inside of her she let out a moan as well and said you cum baby? That was one of the biggest nut I ever caught.

She let me shower before I leave and since then I have went to fuck her two more times. I’ve also fucked 4 other trannies since then multiple times.

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