First Time Watching Mother Being Fucked

by Poslednji

If I am asked what excites young man in his puberty and make him cum in his pants is either seeing or imagining his mother’s pussy. I could never figure out why it is so but it is, at least for me during my growing up. It worked every time.

I have taken every opportunity to take a look under mother’s skirt or dress whenever she becomes little careless or forgetting that I might be watching. Oh what a brief and sweet those moments are.

But to see pussy of your older sister or cousin or aunt wow, pinnacles of puberty. Don’t know why they so eagerly hiding the most precious little hole between their legs from preying eyes, but they do. And just might be that those brief moments if you are lucky so sweet and memorable and they stick in most secret crevices of you little brain and stay there for the rest of your life, at least mine.

First time you see pussy hair of your sister, you are left wandering what it is. So you start turning pages of the forbidden literature until you learn that every woman of all ages have pussy and what it consists of. You quickly learn what the purpose of pussy is. Then you learn what you can do as a male with it if the woman let you get in between her legs.

The whole discovery process does not end there. You learn that in order to push you little cock in the pussy it has to be hard. But luckily that would not be a problem as soon as you sense willingness or signs that woman wants to be fucked and the little cock of yours would go up immediately without asking you.

To be honest, there was a time when I believed that my mother does not have a pussy that she does not fuck. But unfortunately I was proved wrong in no time at all to the contrary, yes my mother does have a pussy, yes my mother does fuck.

One day I walked in on my mother fucking the next door neighbor, actually at that very moment I did not know what they were doing, all I have seen were her pants are on the floor, her skirt up over her waist exposing her bare bottom, man standing behind her with his pants down, holding her around the waist with both hands while his huge thick rod was going in and out of my mother’s back side.

For a brief few moments I just stood at the door, speechless eyes wide opened soaking all into my memory. One thing I knew that the man is not hurting my mother, as it was obvious that they are both taking great pleasure in all of that. They have not heard me opening the door, the man at one moment let out a sigh as if to relieve some pain or something. His body was completely on my mother’s back, his rod was totally in her pussy. Sometime after I knew that he has ejaculated into her. I silently walked out closing the door without them ever knowing what I saw.

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