First Time Taking Wife to a Gloryhole

by Jim Wilson (Longview, TX, USA)

I had been to gloryhole many times when I was out of town. I had always wanted to take my wife to one but she was never with me. I would love seeing her experience what it was like. Also the thought of her small breasts out for others to see turned me on.

As luck would have it I was able to take her along on my next trip which was scheduled to last a week. On the third night I asked her if she wanted to have a little fun. She asked me what I meant. So I told her that we could go to the local adult bookstore and see what was happening. Since she was bored she agreed. I told her to put on her tight blue jeans, high heels and a button up blouse and definitely no bra was needed.

When she finally returned she was almost ready I told her to put on some makeup that would make her look a little slutty. She went to the bathroom and put on her bright red lipstick and over did it with the rouge on her cheeks and finished it off with black dye shadow, she came out she looked hot. I told her to unbutton some of the buttons on her blouse so her small breasts could be visible at times.

We had a few drinks making hers a bit stronger to loose her up. We got in the car and I drove to the book store. When we arrived it was perfect not to crowded but just the right amount of people. As we walked in I could tell that she was being checked out. We browsed around for a half hour because I wanted her to really be noticed. We had not gone to the back where the video booths were located. So when she asked I told her about them and asked if she wanted to see hoping she would say yes. She did so I went and got some tokens.

I took her to the back and we went into a booth. Once in side I told her what to expect and pointing things out. I showed her the hole in the wall tell her that several things could happen. First the person next door could watch us or put his hand through wanting to play with her or they could put their cock through expecting a hand job or a blowjob it was up to her to decide. To be up front I told her what ever she wanted to do was fine with me I wouldn't have a problem.

I put some coins in the slot and had her pick the movie to watch. As she was doing this I unbutton the rest of her blouse and took it off her. I could tell that she was excited by looking at her puffy areolas. I started playing with her breasts and gently pulling on her nipples stretching them out knowing that this makes her horny. We both heard someone enter the booth next to us. As I was kissing her neck I told her that she should put two of her fingers through the hole in the wall. She asked why. I told her that it was a sign for the person in the booth next to us to put his cock through the hole. I told her that it was time to make one fantasy come true.

I wanted to see what she would do with another man's cock. She moved over and put her fingers through the hole and I knocked on the wall. When she removed her fingers she was surprised to see a large black cock come through the hole. She was amazed by the size and looked at me. I told her that it was hers to do what she wanted. When she finally placed her hands on it she slowly started to stroke it and rub its head on her nipples.

I got behind her and started pulling on her nipples again and decided to tell her to suck it. She said that it was to big and I assure her that her mouth would make it fit. I told her to lick it first then try to get it in her mouth. As she was licking it I told her to open her mouth and put the tip to her lips as she did I slowly started to push her head forward watching it start to go into her mouth. Her mouth managed to take it in and she started bobbing her head up and down. I was so excited and turned on.

I told her that she was a beautiful little cock sucker. He told her that he was ready to cum and I told her to take it in her mouth. He shot a load into her mouth which she let run out of her mouth down to her small titties. When he was done I told her how hot she looked and another cock came through the hole. This happened six times and but the time she was done she was covered with cum.

I gave her blouse back to her and she put it on but didn't button it up. When we left the booth she told me that she wanted to walked around so she could be seen. We finally left and went back to our room she stripped and we started to fuck, I fucked her with other men's cum covering her small titties. I asked her if she wanted to do it tomorrow night and she said hell yes. She told me that she wanted to suck as many men as possible. I told her that she would have to swallow the cum this time and she agreed to do it.

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