First Time Lesbian

by Lisa (New York)

I am a former college swimmer, not Olympic category but a very good swimmer in my smaller college. As my competition swimming days are over I still swim and stay physically fit with weights, stair masters, aerobics and stuff like that.

While on vacation my neck and shoulders were very stiff. The masseuse at the hotel was booked up and I didn’t know where to go for a proper therapeutic massage so I googled massage parlors near me and found a place within walking distance of my hotel. I called and was told I could come right over.

I walked over and asked for a female masseuse. I was taken to a very nice room, it was clean and smelled of incense. The masseuse walked in and asked what was wrong so I explained my neck and shoulder tightness. She told me to get undressed and lay down on my tummy. I am not a shy girl and got naked and laid down on the table.

When she returned she dimmed the lights a little. She touched the back of my legs and butt as she walked to her little table. She oiled her hands and rubbed her hands together to warm the oil.

She began massaging my neck, shoulders and back. She was an amazing masseuse, her hands were very soft but strong and she was so gentle on me even though she applied a good amount of pressure. This was a terrific massage, she continued to massage my ass and legs then my feet and toes.

I felt great and totally relaxed. She then asked me to turn over so I did. Again she ran her hand over my tummy and breasts as she walked to her little table rubbed the oil to heat it and began massaging my neck and upper chest. She was standing by my head leaning over me as she massaged me.

Then she moved to my breasts and spent a long time massaging my tits, she used more oil on my tits then anywhere on my body at that point. My nipples were hard and I felt a bit turned on. This was very erotic. My eyes were closed and I felt like she was watching me so I opened my eyes.

Her face was only a few inches from my face, we locked eyes and she bent down and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised that I kissed her back. I had never kissed a girl on the lips before and honestly never gave any real thought about being with another girl.

I love cock, sucking on cock and the feel of a hard cock inside me is outrageous. Anyway she kept her face close to mine, bent down and kissed me again only this time she used her tongue and I kissed her back using my tongue as well. We kissed for about 15 seconds, it was totally fucking hot!!!

Abruptly she pulled away and began massaging my stomach. I felt myself getting very turned on and wet. As she massaged my thighs she commented how muscular they are. She massaged my inner thighs and just barely grazed against my pussy. I tried not to moan but when she ran her oiled hand over my pussy I let out a small moan.

My eyes were closed as I was getting massaged. She began to run her hands over my entire body and it felt so good and erotic I couldn’t help myself but was breathing heavier and heavier. I was so turned on, her hands feeling my body and my body feeling her hands. It felt so good I felt as if I was in a trance. My body covered in oil and my sensory receptors on high.

A moment passed when I felt her hands between my thighs pushing my legs apart from the inside. Then I felt it. The softest lips I ever had kiss my pussy. I was so turned on. Then I felt her tongue begin to lick and explore my pussy. I have had men eat my pussy before and some of them even brought me to orgasm but NONE of them ever felt this good.

My pussy felt like it was being electrocuted every movement of her tongue made me feel even better than I thought possible. Without warning I felt my legs being pushed up over my head, my knees were on either side of my face and my pussy was facing the ceiling.

Well it would have been facing the ceiling but her mouth had engulfed my pussy and her tongue was deep inside me as we looked into each other’s eyes. My god was that hot, I am getting wet writing about it.

It didn’t take long when I had the most earth shattering orgasm I ever had. I came so hard my entire body convulsed and I orgasm again 15 seconds after my first orgasm. My god was that hot!!!

After she ate me to by far the best orgasm I ever had or even imagined I involuntarily said I wanted to taste her. She kissed me a deep wet kiss and then I realized she had an incredibly long tongue, I think they were touching my tonsils, no wonder I orgasmed so hard.

I kissed her back so hard hugging her tight, it was like an outer body experience, I was never so turned on in my life. I didn’t even notice that she was completely naked at this point. I don’t even know when she took her clothes off. After we kissed I asked her to lay on her back. I wanted to suck on her tits and lick her and kiss her all the way down her body but could not.

I basically went straight to her pussy and just started licking her and licking and licking and pushing my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. I could not believe how good she tasted and how the sensation of her pussy against my tongue and lips made me feel almost high. I was in euphoria.

I have no idea how long I ate her but she was getting close to orgasming and that made me eat her harder and harder, I was in a frenzy eating her pussy and brought her to an orgasm!!! I couldn’t believe that I just ate out a girl’s pussy to orgasm!!! I couldn’t wait to kiss her and tell her how amazing I felt.

We kissed and she pushed up my shoulders so I was sitting on her tummy and she slid down between my legs and began eating my pussy while I sat on her face. Wow can this girl eat pussy, I orgasm almost immediately and almost fell off the table because I lost control of my body and collapsed.

I never thought I could feel so good and had no idea pussy tasted so good. I am wet after writing this story, I hope you enjoy it.


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