First Time at a Glory Hole

by Austin (Arlington, WA)

I went to Everett adult videos and paid my money to the attendant and went into the glory hole area and plopped some money into the machine and started to watch a video. I sat down and noticed a hole in the wall and heard someone in the next booth playing a video also so i pulled down my pants and started to play with myself.

I got my cock really hard and noticed a cock coming through the hole he asked if I would suck it I said I had never done that before and was intimidated by its size it was about 9 or more inches long thick he asked me if i would be so kind to suck it I looked at it for a while and said sure why not I had nothing to lose.

I started to suck his dick and it grew even more about another 1 and a half so it finally topped out at about 10 and a half inches and it was really thick also after about 20 minutes or so he said did i want to go to the theater for some real good fun. So we left the booths and went to the theater and sat down.

So we both stripped down to nothing at all on our bodies and started to play with ourselves. His cock was so inviting to me. I just stared at it and asked him if I could just sit right down on it he said that would be great he want to blow a load any why so I got up and just sat right down on it, the theater was almost pitch black I could not tell if he was wearing a condom or not but I just did not care at that point, I wanted that huge dick in my asshole no matter what.

I slowly got up his lap and eased that huge cock in me I started to bounce up and down on him slowly for about 10 minutes or so then i started to go faster and faster. I was hoping he was about to blow his load so I asked him how long it took him to come he replied about an hour and half it had only ben about 50 minutes or so.

So i still had about 40 more minutes left before he would come so I just picked up the pace and got right down to it to get him to come in me at this point i had no idea he was riding me bareback he just then he said I am about ready to come he asked me where i wanted him to come i said anywhere he wanted because i thought he was wearing a condom so he kept on fucking my asshole and let out a big load grunt and came in my asshole he came so much that it was running down my leg.

He got up and thanked me for the ride I said sure my pleasure. He left right then I notice there was 10 men string at me wanting to fuck my ass they all were rock hard a ready to fuck me. So I got into the sling and they stated to fuck me at first i was watching them all fuck me. Then they suggested for me to get turned over on the sling and let them to fuck me from behind. It has always been my dream to have a bunch of men fuck me from behind.

They then stepped back and spoke to each other for a few minutes and said to everybody there that they should all fuck me raw and come in my asshole. They came back and started to fuck me.

After about 5 men fucking me I noticed a bunch of come leaking out of my asshole again they did it to me again they all came in me I said what the heck did you all do to me they all said we fucked you raw until we all came in your ass and it felt so good to us how was it for you I said to them it felt kind of good to have all you guys come in me.

I then picked up the glass I brought with me and squatted and filled up a 10oz glass with come they looked at it and told me to drink it and I did as they said I drank it all down in front of them they left me there.

I went and got up and changed seats to find some more cock. Well as i was walking around I noticed a bunch more guys that had just walked in and they all just started to look my way I was still pretty sore from all the other guys fucking me but I was still so horny and still wanting some more cock in me.

My ass was so fucking wide you could probably stick your hand in there so I asked a man with his cock in his hand to try to put it in my asshole, So he started by putting in one finger at a time till he got 4 of them in my asshole he side do you want me to stop I said no put it all the way in my asshole so he put some more lube on his thumb and worked in me.

It felt so great when he started to wiggly his fingers in my asshole. When he pulled his hand out my asshole really did not close up like usual. I then went home and showered up and hoped that it would close up again. If you want to come and fuck me I would really appreciate it.

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