First Mom Moment: Part 2

by Cresandra (FL)

She touched her hands on his face and gave him an affectionate kiss on the lips. They held each other and did several smaller kisses.

Liam found himself on top of her and his hard penis was pushing into his mom’s vagina.

She closed her eyes and drew in a breath, savoring his insertion into her.

“Ohhh … your penis feels so nice,” she said.

“Oh, mom …” he breathed back.

Liam began to slowly and gently slide his penis in and out of her.

She moaned again, feeling his large stiff penis gliding smoothly back and forth through her soft vaginal lips, with its length penetrating deep into her.

“Ohhh … Liam … it feels so good to have you fucking me,” she said.

Liam had never heard her use the F-word before.

“I can’t believe that I’m fucking you, mom,” he said, using the same word himself, finding it exciting to tell his mom that.

Leaha brought her smooth thighs up on either side of his moving hips, without modesty making her sex all the more available to his efforts

Again and Again Liam lovingly let his erection move within his mom’s soft, warm, wet enveloping vagina. He looked down at her familiar face, and saw a very much accustomed look of sexual pleasure on it as she lay there with her eyes closed, savoring his male presence within her. It was so incredible having is stiff penis being intimate with her like this.

Leaha felt both a maternal and sexual pleasure coming together in the most extraordinary of ways that only a mother could experience. It was so overwhelmingly satisfying as well as exciting, right then thrilling her.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh, Liam …” she breathed, her small bare breasts pushing upwards so that her erect nipples jabbed at his chest.

Her clitoris was fully expanded and so ripe.

In the next moment she was letting her so see her having an orgasm. It was such an excitingly intimate thing to be doing with him.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

Leaha struggled beneath him as sexual waves overtook her and spread throughout her body.

Liam was amazed to see his mom being so sexual, and he was aware of just how big and stiff his penis was in her.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” he told her.

Leaha heard his encouraging words telling her that she had his approval to be this sexual.

Then she let out a near-exhausted breath. “Oh, honey … Oh, honey …” she panted.

“I’m going to come in you, mom,” Liam said.

His penis was ejaculating in her. He gasped as his male organ pumped his semen out in repeated wet spurts. Filling his mom’s vagina with his sperm.

He struggled with the intensity of his release. At the same moment thinking how his mom had said nothing about his not doing that in her. He could only hope that he was not fertilizing and impregnating her. Surely she would have warned him not to do this. Unless, of course, he thought wildly, that his mom wanted him to get her pregnant. That her womanly instincts wanted to be reproductive with him and for them to have a baby together. Although surely she would have told him about her having such a desire.

Liam felt his urge being fulfilled and then it was over.

His penis lost it stiffness and slick with her lubrication and his semen, slipped from her vagina.

They laid there together, side by side.

“I … I hope that it’s okay that I came in you,” Liam said nervously.

Leaha smiled at her son’s concern. “Yes, silly. That was the best part … feeling my son doing that in me. “She wrinkled her nose playfully. “It’s nice to have your sperm in me.”

To the reader.
The very first time that my son and I had intercourse, he had been very nervous about having ejaculated in me, his own mom. I had neglectfully not told him that it was ok, which was very remiss on my part. Then I’m afraid that I teased him rather mercilessly saying how he had probably just gotten me pregnant and didn’t he want to have a baby with his mom? Of course he had looked positively stunned. But such is the humor of a mature and very sexually experienced woman, as opposed to the young girls that he had ever been with. Then I assured him how that had been all right and just how special it was, and how much I liked having his sperm in me. And the last five years now I have thoroughly enjoyed this.

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