First Mom Moment: Part 1

by Cresandra (FL)

When Liam went into the kitchen that morning, his mom was sitting at the table having a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette and she was nude.

It had been six months since his parents had divorced and his mom had started to become very casual about sometimes being that way around the house.

He smiled at her naturalness somewhat shyly, although it was neat getting to see his mom like that.

She gave him a somewhat demure but pleased smile, happy that she could do that with her own son.

Liam was in a t-shirt and shorts and barefoot, not sure if he had the nerve to walk around the house nude, and what his mom would say if he did. He supposed that she probably wouldn’t mind. After all, if she was going to be naked there was no reason why he couldn’t be, too. Except, as she knew, it might be sort of embarrassing in the way that it could be for a son.

His mom had blonde hair that just reached to her shoulders. She was attractive and trim, with smallish breasts and a wispy sort of patch of sandy pubic hair that spread over the padded mound at the top of her legs.

“You look nice,” he said.

She smiled over the compliment in a teasing sort of way, not displeased that he was noticing of her. “Did you want to do it with your mom?” she asked.

Liam was surprised by the question. He as nineteen, but still unused to girls being so forward when it came to things like that. And he was certainly not use to his mom being that way.

“We could,” she said in a very matter of fact way, adding, “just so long as nobody knows.”

“Geez, mom …”Lima stammered.

“It would nice doing that together,” she told him. “We could just go into my bedroom and do it.”

Liam saw that his mom was obviously in the mood. “Okay,” he said with uncertainty.

Leaha snubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray and got to her feet, and Liam followed her as her bare feet padded from the kitchen and through the living room to her bedroom. There she laid on the sill unmade bed and watched as he got undressed. As he joined her on the bed, is penis was becoming stiff with an erection.

“I like that,” she said in reference to his pronounced arousal, and enjoying seeing her son’s large penis with a mother’s delight.

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