First M4M BJ

by Steve (New York)

I was a sales guy in the environmental business and my territory was New York. At 43 I was having trouble in my marriage, and I was consumed with blowjob porn only from women. No gay porn. I began to fantasize about giving another guy a blowjob. Could I do it? I wanted to find out.

I travelled to all of the cities in the state. One city had a round hotel 20 stories high and I stayed there frequently. The top floor had a suite and they would give it to me at the regular room rate when it was available since I stayed there often. I checked in for a 3 day stay, grabbed a newspaper and went to the room.

As always, I checked the personal ads and there it was. "mm 4 mm 4 daytime fun". I couldn't believe it! I picked up the phone and called "Keith" , discussed what we expected and set a time to meet the next day at the hotel.

The hotel room suite is organized in this fashion. The living room had 2 couches in an L shape, a small bar at came out from the wall perpendicular, a Murphy bed that hid in the wall and a tv on a table.

Keith knocked and I let him in. About my age he was average in height and weight. I poured myself a bourbon and offered him one but he declined. After a brief discussion about what we were expecting off came the clothes. I told him this was my first time and he said it was his third.

We were both in our tighty whities. Keith sat on one couch and I on the other couch about 10 feet away. I poured another bourbon. Keith put on some porn and after about 10 minutes he stood up and dropped his undies on the floor. Then he started to masturbate.

I immediately got up and as I walked toward him I said "I think I can help you with that". I got on my knees for the first time between his legs, looked at his cock and said to myself once I do this there is no going back.

Without hesitation I opened my mouth put his clock half way in and closed my lips around it. I slowly pulled my mouth back until my lips slid over the head and off. His dick was round and easier to suck than I thought it would be. I slid his dick in my mouth again and used my tongue back and forth on the underside. It felt great! I then started going up and down putting his dick in until it reached the back off my throat. As the head slid along the roof of my mouth I realized how soft the tip is. The rest of his very hard cock felt like a velvet covered iron bar. I was really getting into it sucking and using my tongue and never taking it out of my mouth. I had my hands on his legs and after about 5 minutes Keith said you better hold it a minute, I'm getting too excited so I stopped.

I stood up and backed up a few feet. Keith got up, fell to his knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts. Out popped my cock and he said ohh baby! He sucked my dick, it felt good and I enjoyed watching him but I was more interested in sucking his. After a few minutes I told Keith to sit on the bar and I sat on the bar stool in front of him spreading his legs apart.

For the second time I found myself with my head between his legs and his cock in my mouth. It felt so good sucking on him and running that soft tip along the roof of my mouth. I was sucking slowly now because I was afraid he would get excited quickly again. I couldn't believe this was happening because I had fantasized about doing it here many times. Keith was leaning back on his hands watching me and I could sense he was really loving it. I loved just sucking the head of his cock then pushing it all the way to the back of my throat. As I moved my lips slowly up and down I could sense he was getting excited again. Lets move to the bed he said. I pulled the Murphy bed from the wall and lay down on my back.

Keith joined me and he lay on his side facing the opposite way. He started sucking my dick again and it felt great. I looked down and saw his head bobbing up and down and it was a real turn on. I was as hard as a rock but I wanted more of his dick. I reached over and pulled his leg over my head and now we were in the 69 position with me on the bottom. He continued to suck me and soon I found what I craved.

For the third time I found myself with my head between his legs and this stranger's cock in my mouth. I wasn't even paying attention to Keith's sucking, I was more interested in his dick. I had to tilt my head a little to the side so he wouldn't choke me. It was hard to suck him so I concentrated on the head of his dick. After a few minutes I tapped him to get off and he got up and lay on the bed next to me. Keith started to kiss me which I didn't like at all.

I got up and for the fourth time I was between Keith's legs with his cock in my mouth. I found my rhythm and started sucking. This is what I had fantasized about for so long, sucking a nice cock and finding out I really enjoyed it. I would have sucked Keith's dick all day but shortly after he was getting really excited. He said "I'm cumming, you can just let it fly ". I was so excited myself I just kept right on sucking, I couldn't stop! I knew he was cumming and I kept sucking until I felt a small amount of cum about to come out of the corner of my mouth.

Without hesitation I brought my lips up to the end of his cock, closed them and swallowed his cum. Then I want right back to sucking his dick some more. After a minute I swallowed again and lay on the bed next to him totally satisfied. I was pleasantly surprised to find that his cum tasted very much like mine and I really liked swallowing it. Such a turn on! Keith said let me finish you off but I had so much pre cum on my dick and on my thighs he said it looks like you came already. I had not but I didn't care, I got what I came after.

We cleaned up, got back into our undies and stated talking. Him on the couch and me at the bar with another bourbon. Keith couldn't believe that it was my first time sucking dick. I tried to convince him it was but in the end I don't think he believed me. It really was my first time. After a while I asked him if I could suck him again as I was still pretty excited at the thought. He said ok but I can't promise anything.

For the fifth time I was between Keith's legs and I took his half hard cock into my mouth. It felt a little strange sucking a semi limp dick but on my knees again it wasn't long before he had a nice boner. I loved sucking his dick but after about 5 minutes he said it was getting late in the day and he had to go.

I let Keith out of the hotel room and never saw or heard from him again. I am now 70 and almost every day I relive that special day when I sucked a cock. I never sucked another dick and I wonder if I had the opportunity to do it again, would I? Probably.

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