First Camping Trip: Chapter 3

by William Madison (Vancouver WA USA)

After leaving Len and Mark to work out their issue I rode the grounds to think about my own feelings. I returned to camp and grabbed my fishing gear and went to my favorite spot on the river, (Yellowstone) and found the two brothers swimming. Not wanting to fish while they swam I just sat on the shore to wait them out.

The younger of the two yelled over did I wanna swim and I shrugged and said timidly ya I guess. With that I stripped my shirt off and jumped in. Swam over to them and said hi I'm Will. They introduce as Jimmy and Jerry. Jimmy the younger brother seemed more friendly and talked mostly while Jerry just splashed us laughed and swam away. Jimmy and I talked about what we were doing here an I found their Dad was working in Billings also.

We talked a bit standing in the water and Jerry said he was bored and wanted to get dry and go play a game. So we got out and headed for camp. We got to camp and went to their site. Jerry pulled out towels and threw one to me and Jimmy. As we dried they invited me inside. Inside they wanted to change and I was offered some dry shorts as I was close to Jimmy's size and I said ok.

As Jerry dropped his shorts he had no skivvies on and was naked. He had a dark full Pube patch and was sporting a nice cut 6" already rising dick. He stood there and watched as Jimmy and I stripped off our stuff I saw he too had no tightie whities either. As I looked on I saw he had a very light patch and a 5" full on woodie.

With my shorts off I had boxers on. Jerry giggled and asked if I needed help with those? Before I could reply Jimmy had his thumbs in my waistband from behind and was tugging them to the floor.

Jerry stepped up to me and grabbed my inflating 5" dick and asked if I like to play? I said I guess. He took my hand and put it on his now 7" full hardon. He began stroking mine and me his while Jimmy was behind me rubbing my ass. Both of them working on me was hot. Jerry asked if I did oral? I said I never tried yet.

With that he moved me back to a cot and I sat down with his cock right at eye level he pointed it at me and said suck it. I grabbed his hot solid boner and put it to my mouth. First I stuck my toungue out to catch the drip from the tip witch was very tangy. As I opened my lips he pushed 3" in my mouth and stopped. He told me to go up an down on it so I did. Just then I felt Jimmy at my dick and was doing the same to me. It was great having this fat boy cock to suck on and having mine done as well.

Jerry instructed me to put a finger in his butt so I pulled off his cock put my finger on my precum slick tongue to wet it then reached up behind him and pushed straight into his asshole. He lunged forward to put his cock back to my sucking mouth. As he did Jimmy was going to town on me.

The feeling of my finger in Jerry's ass and his cock pushing in and out of my mouth was great then Jerry stood straight up and with a loud grunt shot his first blast past my toungue in my throat and I had to swallow fast as I could to keep up.

He shot five fast times and the three slow after that and said keep sucking till it's clean--- I did and was not going to stop cause Jimmy had me very close to that feeling I had with Dad in the shower. It was great. Then Jerry pulled out and sat on the other cot. Jimmy was on the floor and stood up. And said to lay sideways on the cot.

I did and he moved back to position to suck more and put his nice 5" boner for me to suck and I did. It was a very sexy feeling holding his ass sucking his dick as he did mine. We stayed that way for a while and I noticed he was getting close. Then he rolled over on top and was thrusting his dick faster in my mouth. He did this for a min or two and stopped deep as he could go.

With his tightning balls on my nose he started shooting in my mouth just past my toungue so I had to swallow again. He shot four big hot shots then three more small ones and the taste was as sweet as his dick. Small,narrow,hard and easy to suck. When he finished cumming down my throat he rolled to the side and kept sucking me till I had that feeling again and I almost blacked out when I did.

I thought it would never stop. Jimmy pulled off me and said he didn't expect me to cum that much. I told him it was my first time for anything to come out. He said he was glad he got it. It tasted great. I said me too. We heard their dad pull into their spot and hurried to get dressed. As John their dad came into camp he hollered "boys" We exitd their tent and he smiled and said watcha doin?

Jerry said quickly we're getting dry clothes after swimming. And Oh this is Will. John smiled and shook my hand. Then told the boys to clean up for dinner. I told the guys thanks for the dry shorts ill bring um back later see ya and grabbed my bike and crossed the road to my site. Just in time to see my dad coming down the campground road. Time for supper.

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