First Camping Trip: Chapter 2

by William Madison (Vancouver WA, USA)

As the next couple weeks passed I met quite a few of the people camping around us.

Some couples, a few singles and not knowing of such things yet a gay couple that were very friendly! They were from Colorado and we're there like us for the whole summer.

I liked to visit with them lots. They were 25 and 27 yo. And liked beer and lots of snacks.

They were Len and Mark. Len seemed like a sisterly type and Mark was kind of controlling and bossed Len around a bit not in a mean way but just in a firm way.

One morning I popped by and Mark had went into town for supplies. Len was just getting up and invited me into their tent. As I entered he was only dressed in a wife beater and tight black underwear that looked like my sisters.

As we talked he asked if I liked girls and I told him I didn't really know other then my sisters. I didn't really have much experience even talking with them. Only my male school friends.

With that he reached out and took my hand pulled me to him and put his arm around my shoulder and asked if it was cool? I said ya I guess. Then he asked if I touched myself. I said yes sometimes. Then asked if he could touch me?

I didn't have time to answer before he put his hand on my crotch. When I didn't protest he took my hand and put it on his cock that was now tenting his panties. It was very warm and he had a slick wet spot already in his panties.

He asked me to rub it. I wrapped my small hand around it and jacked him like dad showed me. He said faster and I did. He was moaning quietly and laid back on his bedding. He moved his hand inside my pants and grabbed my dick.

As he did Mark had pulled in parked and entered the tent with a bag. With a surprised look Len jumped up and said sorry to Mark and I ran out said bye and rode my bike off down the camp road. Hearing them talk loudly.

More next chapter.

Thanks for reading, William.

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