First Camping Trip: Chapter 1

by William Madison (Vancouver WA USA)

In June 1967 my 18th birthday was coming in October and my parents were in the beginning of a divorce with the first separation.

Dad was great with outdoor stuff like hunting, fishing hiking and general roughing it.

He had landed a remodeling job in Billings Montana and we got a tent site in a koa campground on the Yellowstone river just out of the park.

It was very cool to be away from school and the city in Portland. We got setup and camped our first weekend and it was kind of hectic getting everything in place. Tent, fireplace, awning, clothesline and the picnic table with wash basin for dishes.

That weekend we just sort of stayed close to camp and got the daily routine down. The showers and john were just across the road so very convenient to just pop over to.

The summer had started early there and there were quite a few campers in the grounds already. Unfortunately for me there didn't seem to be any kids my age around.

Two older boys 16 and 17 next to us and two girls different camps just down a bit 15 and 19 but none seemed to want to hang with me. So I spent my days just riding my bike around the grounds talking to the adult campers and fishing.

Dad and I always showered in the morning before he left for work at 7 and that was when I found out about a guys body. Dad was very Frank about the body and cleaning up for the day.

I found that I was beginning to get hard-ons at shower time and dad just laughed it off. But I saw that he was getting aroused too. I asked why it happened the response was it was natural and it means a guy needs some extra attention to his tool as he called it.

And proceeded to show me how to take care of it. So that first time I just emmulated his actions. He used soap and stroked his tool slow then faster till he came with a big AWWWW when he did.

I did the same, it felt real good but nothing came out like him. He tosseled my hair and said it will soon enough.

So we finished up and he went to work saying we would try again. I was excited about it and spent my day playing the scene over in my mind and had a Woody almost all day.

Thanks for reading and watch for more.

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