First And Best

by Anonymous

I stood there leaning forward, with my hands on the arm of the sofa, as my uncle stood behind me, smoothly sliding his lubricated erection in and out of my butt.

“You bitch,” he laughingly teased. “It feels so good have my boner in your sweet butt!”

I was still surprised to find myself doing this with him. It was the first time that I had been fucked by another guy. Uncle Dave and I had always gotten along and been close. He was in his fifties, divorced and, as I had discovered, he had developed a taste for friendly male sex. The magazine I had spotted at his house that morning and quickly clued me into that.

It was a gay publication with ample pictures. I looked at the unexpected find with some amazement, not having had any idea of Uncle Dave’s personal taste. He appeared a little self-conscious about my seeing the magazine, but quite unapologetically said how he just enjoyed the pleasure of male sexuality, stating that he wasn’t gay but just found that to be relaxed and enjoyable from time to time.

When he asked me if I ever enjoyed that sort of thing with a friend, I had to be honest and tell him that I never had. That was when he chuckled and said how that was too bad, because he really wouldn’t enjoying that with me.

Well, I was intrigued. Enough to say that I supposed that I could try it, just to see what it was like.

So we got naked. Uncle Dave was a typical older guy, quite hairy, with a paunch. As we were standing there, he started to get an impressive erection. His penis just shot up and he grinned, looking pleased to let me see his male attribute like that. Seeing his made it easy for me to start getting an erection, too. I hadn’t been sure if I could with another guy, but as I quickly discovered, that was no problem.

“You have a nice dick,” he complimented, reaching out to give my stiff length a feel. “I kind of figured that you did.”

I stood there letting him handle my boner and I reached down to feel his. It was interesting to be holding an erection that was not my own. It was very exciting doing that, feeling the stiff curved shape in my hand, and feeling the smooth bare skin. Then he fondled my balls and I did the same to his. It was really something getting to do that.

We smiled at one another. Then, without a word, Uncle Dave leaned over to take my erection into his mouth. I murmured with the warm, wet stimulation that as being applied to my aroused organ. He made a few slight slurping sounds as his mouth went up and down half a dozen times. Then he pulled back and grinned at me. Encouraged, I then bent down o take his penis in my mouth. I could hardly believe that I was actually sucking on another guy’s dick, or how exciting it was to be doing that. Somehow, with Uncle Dave, I felt free to be that reckless.

“Oh, yeah,” he said as I wetly explored his boner. The swollen head felt very large and so incredibly smooth in my mouth. I felt his hands on my shoulders, gently urging me to stop. “That’s enough of that for right now.”

I pulled away and straightened, and we went back to holding and feeling each other’s erection. Uncle Dave again slipped his hand down to work the firm oval-shapes of my balls around beneath the loose skin. A moment later I felt the tip of his index finger tickling my butt hole. I was surprised by how stimulating that was.

“Feels good, huh?” He grinned at my delight and I felt the tip of his finger press inward a little and that was even more exciting.

“Yeah,” I replied, finding that it did.

“I’m going to fuck you butt hole,” he announced, being perfectly straightforward about his intentions, and not asking me if I wanted him to do that, but telling that was what he was going to do.

I didn’t quite know what to say, as I watched him go over to a cabinet and come back with a small bottle of lubrication, which he applied to his stiff male-length, leaving it shiny and slick. He had me turn around, and I leaned forward, putting both hands on the arm of the sofa.

Then I felt the rounded, swollen head of his erection pushing firmly but gently up against my tight anal opening. To my astonishment I suddenly felt his organ sliding smoothly all the way in. His insertion took my breath away just a little. He stood there fully in me, giving me a moment to become accustomed to that. When I relaxed he began to slowly and steadily slide back and forth through my stretched opening, each time with me feeling his stiff length going deep into my anal sheath.

It was incredible to realize that i was actually being fucked by another guy. I could only think of what my mother would say if she knew that I was being fucked by her brother. I wondered if she even knew about the penchant he had developed for male sex. I was sure that she would probably be shocked to discover that I was enjoying this sort of thing. I had never shown any gay tendencies and certainly had never felt any. And yet, here I was, my first time with another guy and I was being fucked. Was that how it happened? Apparently so. My uncle had not wasted any time.

Incredibly stimulating and I savored how all-male this was. My own erection was now absolutely rigid, to the point of straining, with the tip enormously swollen, shiny smooth and a purple-tinged shade of deep red. I had never experienced having such a hard boner. Not like the one I was having.

“It feels so good having my hard dick in you,” my Uncle Dave told me, his hand holding my hips as he continued to fuck my butt.

“Oh, yeah … it does feel so good,” I breathed, squeezing my eyes shut as I enjoyably endured one smooth insertion after another, making my arousal unbelievable.

In the next moment I gasped as I was suddenly ejaculating. It just happened, uncontrollably. My semen was squirting wilding out, flying through the air.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I choked as I helpless climaxed.

“Oh, that’s good!” Uncle Dave commended. He thrust his boner into me as deep as he could get it to go and then he ejaculated.

I felt his manhood throbbing out its male-liquid deep inside of me, filling my anal sheath with its thick, sperm-filed substance.

“Oh, yeah …” he groaned, elated by the opportunity to be satisfying his sexuality in my butt.

When it was over we both just stood there recovering. Then Uncle Dave slid his no longer completely stiff penis from my butt and I immediately and disappointingly felt its absence from my hole. I turned and we looked at one another and we both smiled over our accomplishment.

Uncle Dave chuckled. “Maybe I should get my dick in your butt again and fuck you one more time … just for good measure.”

“Please do,” I said. Already I knew that I was going to be enjoying a lot of this with him. I had discovered the pleasure of being fucked and there was no point in my being shy about that fact. Not when it felt so good and there was so much to enjoy.

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