First Aid

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

My Dad was away on deployment and would be for a long time, my Mum, me and my brother and sister had to get along without him. They were at school, leaving me at home while Mum was on duty at our local hospital as a medical coordinator.

A month after Dad left and one day midweek I was surprised when Mum came home unannounced, and wearing a collar and cum foam sling on her right arm.

She was in great discomfort and explained she had fallen and had very badly bruised her upper arm and so was taking pain killers tablets. I tried to make her comfortable on the sofa but without success and she decided to go up to bed.

I helped Mum up to her room and knelt to take off her shoes.......

"You need to help me here, son, I can’t take my clothes off without help"

She stood and began to unbutton her uniform dress and I helped her get it off her bruised shoulder to leave her standing in her bra, knickers and stockings, she was blushing furiously and holding her free hand in front of her crotch, which was of course covered by her knickers. I know I was blushing too, never having seen my Mum naked or near naked, as she was now.

"OK son we need to try not being embarrassed, I need your help, you'll need to help me dress and undress and possibly help me bathe and stuff, so we must both try not to offend each others modesty, you’re old enough to have seen and been with girls no doubt so their naked bodies are no stranger to you, OK son".

"Well ok Mum as long as its fine with you then I'll help you all I can."

With that I unsnapped her bra and removed it, quietly admiring Mums heavy but firm breasts and the thick brown nipples. My throat closed up when I rolled her black stocking down and realised her mound was at eye level, furthermore there was a faint but very distinct odour of pussy emanating from the cotton covered pussy.

I was maddening slipping her knickers off and exposing my Mums shaven haven and I was sort of glad when she managed to slip into bed and cover herself and then prop herself into a semi sitting position and pulling the duvet up to cover her swaying boobs.

"Aaahhh! Thanks darling, that’s great, you’re a great help, you’re a real love. I’m going to try getting comfortable and see if I can doze for a bit". I gave her a peck on the cheek and left the bedroom, furious that my raging erection had been beating crazily beating I was tending my Mum. Nevertheless a frenzied wank and spurting ejaculation cured that immediate lust and outrageous incestuous train of thought.

Later, when Mom woke up, she called down to me to run her a bath and see if the hot water would ease the soreness in her bruised arm and shoulder. When I did this she said I needed to help her and threw back the duvet to get out of bed. My Mum was mother naked and it confused me to see her like that, I was her son and here she was, my mum, stark naked, her bare pussy on display, her shapely legs splayed wide and her sumptuous boobs bobbling as she struggled to get off the bed.

Together we went into the bathroom where I helped her get into the bath where I sponged her all over before she lay down full length in the hot water..

"Oh babe, this feels so good, I’m gonna lay here for a bit till the water gets cool, ok, I’ll give you a shout when I need you darling"

Dismissed I went downstairs. My younger sister shortly rived home from school announcing she was having a sleepover at her friend Cathy's house and that my brother was playing football for his school so he'd be late home and with that she took off, not even asking where mum was. She called me half an hour later so to the bathroom I went.

My Mum stood up, like Venus rising from the waves, rosy, wet, naked and glowing. My cock grew and hardened. I helped her out of the tub and started drying her off, my hands roaming all over her, every curve and hollow became familiar to me until I purposely dropped the bath sheet and quite openly touched strolled and teased my Mum in the most outrageous manner, causing her to wiggle coyly and squeal softly when I touch her erogenous areas until when I got to her pussy she made no objection when I started fingering her until she was responding, she became very moist, then wet, then very slippery, holding onto me with her good arm while wilting under my touching and blatant masturbating of her.

When we stumbled to her bedroom she lay down and to my astonishment spread herself in offertory....

"I’m not sure this will backfire son but here I am, hot, ready, wanting, needing, will you darling, would you, would you give your Mum what she needs, I’m aching baby, I desperately want a man inside me, I want a cock, I want YOURS my sweet boy, be good sweetie be good and do your Mummy, slip inside me and give yourself to me........."

I was more than I could take, tearing my clothes off I got between my Moms glorious thighs, her pussy was deliciously splayed, wet and glistening obscenely as she lay there, mute, eyes hooded. My cock was iron hard and raging painfully and Mum was moaning softly as I carefully probed her open hole, then I slipped inside, centimeter by centimeter until my balls were resting on her arse.

Mum was gasping brokenly under me with every thrust I made into her body and soon she was humping back vigorously and I experienced for the first time a mature woman, my Mother, having an orgasm, then another as I continued my assault on her, pounding her violently until she was crying out and clawing at me with her good hand until I gasped that I was going to Cum....

"Oh FUCK, Yes, do it darling don’t pull out, just shoot your seed in me c'mon baby do it do it, oh shit, shit shit shit I can feel it, I can feeeeeel it, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I had never cum like it before, my orgasm seemed to transport me to another plane, one of intense exquisite sensuous pleasure that turned my body liquid as I poured my life essence into her, my Mother, my Mum, we had just committed incest.....but it felt good, it felt fantastic, my Mums body thrilled me.

That night when the house fell silent I crept to her room and again the two of us immersed ourselves in greedy careless lust filled fucking, not love making which could always wait for another time, only uninhibited incestuous fucking then licking, tonguing, sucking and more spermy spunky cumming until near dawn when we lay drained, sweaty, empty of further emotion, the bed beneath us wet where Mum had squirted as we humped and ground our bodies together.

I left her to sleep peacefully then took a quick wash deliberately avoiding a shower in order to keep her body smell on me until she called on me again to do right by her in her bed, in her mouth, in her pussy, possibly even in her fabulous chubby arse, I was her to command any time.

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