by Kaylee (Pennsylvania)

There is this guy i've been crushing on since 6th grade. his name is Wyatt. Sooo, a couple of days ago, we fucked.

My friend, Alana, has this huge house. she decided to throw a party. she invited everyone we been friends with since grade school. including Wyatt.

So i decide to wear this red dress that shows a lot. skip to like 15 mins into the party. Wyatt finally shows up. he spots Alana and i talking and walks over.

"hey" he says.

"Wyatt! log time no see. whats up?" i say.

We hug and his eyes lock while were hugging. when he finally pulls away he says, "nothing much, you?" "same here." his face suddenly turns red and he opens his mouth then closes it.

He leans in and puts his lips on mine. i wrap my arms around his neck and he places his hand on my ass. when we pull away from each other, he's smiling his devilish smile that i love so much.

I look around and see Alana talking to her boyfriend Ben. i look up at Wyatt and wink, grabbing his hand, i walk into the house and find the room i usually stay in when i sleep over.

Wyatt looks over at me with want and nervousness in his eyes. i rip off my dress to reveal my black bra and panties. i walked over to Wyatt and helped take off his shirt and pants.

He pushed me down on the bed and we passionately made out, after 5 mins of making out, Wyatt whispered "i want to be in you babe" he stood up and i did too, he went behind me and detached my bra.

He stared in awe while i pulled off my soaking wet panties. Wyatt pulled off is boxers. "oh my god" i whispered, his dick was at least 10inches!

He walked towards me and whispered "sixty-nine" i nod my head and get positioned, when he starts licking my pussy, i almost orgasm. i start sucking his dick and in no time we were both cumming.

He climbed on me an slowly inserted himself inside me. "yess. oooohhhh, Wyatt mmm..." i moaned he started thrusting in and out real hard and fast.

He shot a load in me just as i orgasmed.

He collapsed on me and we both fell asleep.

The next morning Alana walked in and started to shout.

"I knew it, ha, you guys are adorable, you are dating right?"

"Yes" we both replied.

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