Finally Free: Pt 3

by Aquemini

Stacy moaned at the new sensation and leaned forward to take cock into the back of her throat. Jason and his mother made eye contact, knowing that they had a new fuck toy. They smiled. At the same time, Stacy was hornier and wetter than she’d ever been.

She had beautiful older woman rimming her asshole and a cock in her mouth. Her young tight cunt was so wet it was starting to literally drip. While hungrily eating ass, Jason’s mom used her finger to to spread Stacy’s pussy lips apart. She leaned back and looked at what a beautiful, young, pink, aroused cunt looked like.

For a second she rubbed Stacy’s clit and then pushed two fingers into her tight but slick pussy. Stacy moaned, mouth still full of dick, as as she felt her pussy stretch open a bit. Again, she also felt the pressure and warmth of a tongue licking, lapping, and circling her asshole.

Jason’s mom began using more and more saliva and also Stacy’s own pussy juice lubricate the girls tight asshole. Gradually she pushed a finger inside and Stacy let out a whimper. Jason pulled Stacy’s hair back and gave it a tug to make sure she kept her mouth open as he sank his cock balls deep.

Jason’s mother heard Stacy start to gag a little bit and she used that distraction to take the opportunity to push a second finger into Stacy’s asshole. “Relax Stacy,” demanded Jason’s mother. “You’re going to start learning today what it feels like to be a real whore. I know what you need, you just have to learn to take it. Come here, Jay,” she said.

Jason pulled his dick from Stacy’s mouth and gave her a little slap on the cheek. Walked around to Stacy’s ass and his mother took his cock into her hand. Her fingers were now stretching Stacy’s asshole open. Stacy had followed her directions and allowed herself to relax, thus opening her ass. Jason’s mom guided the head of her son’s wet cock to Stacy’s small gaping hole.

When Stacy felt the pressure against her asshole, she surprisingly pushed back and took Jason’s dick with ease. “Holy shit,” mom whispered. “How do you feel Stacy?” “Like a fucking whore!” She said loudly.

As Jason continued to fuck ass his mother positioned herself underneath both of them. She put her hands on Stacy’s ass cheeks and put her mouth over Stacy’s cunt. She freely lapped and sucked at Stacy’s juicy opening and her swollen red clit.

As she did so she again slipped two fingers deep inside Stacy’s cunt and began massaging her G spot. Stacy’s upper body went limp on the couch, her head now down and her ass and pussy up. She panted heavily and her eyes rolled back in her head a bit.

Never had she ever felt so amazing. She was face down, ass up. Her tight virgin asshole was spread open and being fucked deep. Her sopping wet young pink pussy was being expertly finger fucked, and her swollen clit was being licked and sucked hard. Needless to say, Jason’s mother was rubbing her own pussy furiously now too.

“Oh I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” yelled Stacy.

In response Jason fucked harder and deeper and his mother applied additional pressure to the young girls G spot and clit. They both could feel her young pelvic muscles begin to clamp down and spasm as her body quivered. Stacy couldn’t help but yell out with every wave of ecstasy that tore through her. Warm pussy juice began push out into Jason’s mother’s mouth.

As she swallowed down the girls cum, she felt Jason’s cock push inside Stacy’s pussy against her fingers. As Jason started to grunt and Fuck harder she moved her fingers to his balls and asshole.

He began to orgasm she squeezed his balls and applied pressure to his ass. Again she could feel the rhythmic spasms of a human body in ecstasy. With her mouth still positioned at Stacy’s hole, she began to suck in the perfect mixture of salty young cum. Pussy juice and warm white cum was pouring into her mouth now.

This sent her over the edge and her own cunt began to cum. Jason’s mother’s mind went blank and she swallowed down cum and released her own cum as well. “Eat it you fucking slut,” said Jason. He pulled his dick from Stacy’s pussy, releasing a massive load into his mother’s mouth. As his mother sat there, mouth open in ecstasy, Jason grabbed Stacy by the hair of the head and pulled her face around to his mother’s.

Almost instinctively the two whores began to kiss deeply. Stacy had never tasted anything so Wickedly good and satisfying as another woman’s tongue covered in her own juices and mixed with a man’s load. Stacy gripped Jason’s moms’ tit, their tongues flicking against each other’s as the last waves or her orgasm travelled from her groin.

Her pussy was soaked and juices had obviously poured down over her asshole and into the floor. Jason’s mother stood up. She was fully satisfied and felt complete. “Clean me.” She said and she raises one leg into the couch. “Jason clean my cunt; Stacy clean my ass.” She spread her own ass cheeks apart and within seconds she was being tongue fucked from the front and back.

Stacy’s little tongue lapped and circled her asshole and Jason’s entire mouth sucked her pussy. To her surprise she felt Stacy’s tongue harden and push forcefully against her ass. Jason‘s mother relaxed her asshole and pushed back against Stacy’s face. Stacy’s tongue slid inside her asshole and both sluts tried to get it in as deep as they could.

“Don’t stop that you little whore,” she purred. “My clit, Jay, my clit”. Both youngsters were working hard to please her, breathing heavily through their noses as and their tongues worked her ass and pussy. “I’m cumming again,” said Jason’s mom as she bent her legs, spread her ass cheeks and opened up as much as she could.

Her legs begin to shake and she became lightheaded. Her asshole squeezed Stacy’s tongue and pussy leaked more juice on Jason’s mouth and chin. The youngsters continued to work hard, knowing the pleasure they were giving. Her orgasm was rather short but extremely powerful.

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