Finally Free: Pt 2

by Aquemini

One rainy Saturday afternoon both Jason and his mother were lounging in the sofa flipping through the tv channels when a commercial came up about a hot singles chat website. The commercial has several scantily clad beautiful women and seemed to last an awkwardly long time.

As Jason watched the commercial he thought back to the amazing moments he had shared with his mother several days prior, as he did, he could his cock starting to swell. Instead of trying to shift and hide his growing erection, he thought back to how serious his mother was about being such a slut. Jason really has little Inhibitions after the way his mother acted so he decided to be brave and take a chance.

When the commercial ended Jason slid down his shorts and boxers and kicked them aside. He then shifted sideways on the couch leaning is back against to armrest - legs open to the other end of the couch where his mother was setting. She was staring at him with only a serious somewhat blank expression. Jason spread his legs and without saying a word began play with his cock.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said.

“Only if I can play too,” replied his mother.

She stood up and removed her black yoga pants and underwear, trying to decide how to proceed. She pulled up her shirt and bra freeing her tits to slide out under. She walked over to Jason and using her hand to help, fed her breast into her son’s mouth. Jason sucked greedily as his mother took over jacking his cock. This freed Jason’s hands to squeeze this mother’s big round ass.

At that time, Jason felt amazing. A beautiful woman was jacking his cock while at the same time he had a mouthful of tits and hands full of ass. He moved his hand to her warm crotch and as he went to part her pussy lips she put one leg up on the couch to open herself up. Her pussy was hot and slick and wet and Jason pushed two fingers in deep.

His mother responded by bending her knees and pushing her cunt down against his hand, letting out a moan. She took Jason’s fingers out of her pussy and moved them to her mouth. As she sucked her juices into her mouth she moved overtop to straddle Jason.

“Put your hands back on my ass Jason, and spread my cheeks a little. Good, boy. Now I’m gonna kiss you but I want you to stick your tongue out a little.”

She leaned forward as Jason did everything he was told. She kiss his tongue and began to suck it. Jason instinctively stuck his tongue out further and as she sucked more greedily. He squeezed her ass hard and spread her cheeks apart even more. With their mouths locked and breathing heavily, Jason’s mother moved her slick warm pussy to the head of cock.

As soon as Jason felt her heat and wetness at his tip, he simultaneously thrust his pelvis forward and pulled his mother down forcefully on top of him. As his engorged, throbbing cock stretched open her cunt, she allowed her legs to go limp and put her entire weight on him. Now finally, with a big, warm, young cock buried inside her, Jason’s mother let out a slow moan.

“Fuck, baby I’m such a whore,” she said matter of factly. “Pump my pussy hard and deep you motherfucker,” She said.

Jason continued to thrust upward, each time sinking balls-deep. He saw his mother lean back a little and then felt her hand start massaging his balls. Jason’s sack was completely covered in pussy juice and his mother began steadily massaging his taint. She continued to alternate from rubbing and squeezing his full balls to massaging his perineum.

The feeling of finally being truly fucked, filled, and stretched was amazing. She had needed this for so long and she knew at that moment that she was going to allow just about anyone to fuck her from here on out. She had a quick fantasy right then and there of letting one of Jason’s friends double team her with him, already needing more of her holes filled.

With her son starting to fuck her harder she knew they were both going to cum soon. She needed cum in her mouth, but just as she began to climax, Jason grunted “I’m gonna fucking cum, Mom.” “Look at me!” she yelled. Her swollen pussy began to spasm. “Do it baby, just let it all out.” She was starting to cum hard on his cock, grinding down as deep as she could.

Just then Jason let out a low grunt. He grabbed his mother around her waist, pulling her body down completely against his, chest to chest he locked his arms around her back. As he continued to slam her, his cock began to erupt, shooting stream after stream of warm cum into her already soaked pussy. She felt the warmth of his juices filling her cunt and running out onto her thighs.

The air was filled with the sound of heavy breathing, guttural groans, and smacking flesh. Their bodies radiated wicked heat and the smell of fresh fuck. Simultaneous orgasms meant that every drop of cum was being milked from Jason’s dick by the rhythmic uncontrollable grips of his own mother’s pussy. “Keep cumming baby,” his mother said.

As her orgasm subsided her young son just kept driving deep, unleashing a torrent a cum that was now pouring out of her. As he began to slow and loosen his grip, his mother was able to free her arms and reach between her legs. Jason’s body began to relax. His mother slowly pulled her sensitive pussy up and just as his cock slipped out she quickly covered herself with her hand.

She cupped her opening - catching what she could of their sweet mixture. Her hand filled with warmth and after a few seconds she brought it to her mouth. Without hesitation she took in her prize. “Fuck that’s hot,” said Jason. “That’s just the beginning young man. Your Mom is finally free. From now on I don’t give a fuck. This is what makes me happy and I’ve needed it for so long.” “Well it obviously makes me happy too,” lol laughed Jason. “Just let me know how I can be of service anytime.”

“OK then, do you need to help me come up with a plan to get some of your friends over here to join us. Boys and girls.” Jason knew she wasn’t joking. “I’m on it,” he said. “You know you have to be really careful and....” “Oh God I know Mom,” he said. “This is some messed up shit but it’s unbelievable and I love it.” “I love YOU,” she replied

Jason spent lots of time on and off over the next few days thanking of which of his friends would be good candidates. He knew they had to be wild but mature or maybe innocent but horny and open to new things. He even considered one of his teachers who was kind of flirtatious and at one point had even been rumored to have fucked a student.

After a few days it finally hit him. Stacy Williams was a cheerleader and honor roll student who was curvy and cute. She was more than cute because she had a nice round plump ass. She was known for dating older guys and had made out with a few different girls at several parties. One time when they were both hammered drunk Jason remembered that Stacy whispered in his ear that she had a secret.

“I’m a fucking cumslut,” she had said before she passed out. Jason thought nothing of it and chalked it up to drunkenness but now he wondered if it was true. Right then Jason decided to text her and after a little chitchat he asked her if she remembered what she told him that night.

“I sure do,” she replied. “Well I don’t know how serious you were but if you were extremely serious then we need to talk privately,” he said. “If you want to go out on a date or something just ask me,” she said. “No trust me,” Jason replied. “If you are fucking serious come to my house tomorrow after school. My mom will be here so you know its cool and all.” “Um ok” she replied.

Jason explained to his mother that he may have something for her tomorrow night. “I’ll believe it when I see it” she said.

Stacy pulled in the driveway after school and came to the door. “Mom, listen from the den,” He said. Stacy came in and sat on the couch. “What in the world is this all about?” She asked. She had just come from cheerleading practice and still had the glow of perspiration all over her.

Her perky tits where hidden by a sports bra but her beautiful big ass cheeks hung out just a little bit below or short shorts. “If you want me to suck your cock or something just tell me but you’re going to have to eat my pussy because I need to cum too. I’ve been called names or whatever but I can’t help it.”

Jason’s mother walked out from the den. She had heard all she needed to hear. She knelt down in front of Stacy and looked her in the eyes. “I know you’re a slut Stacy, and I’m a total fucking whore. I’m sure your little cunt is already wet so do you want us to do something about it or not?” Stacy looked at Jason and he just smiled. “Holy shit!” She said. “I’ve never even...” Jason’s mother leaned in and kissed Stacy long and hard.

As she did this she touched Stacy’s knee causing her to immediately spread her legs. Through her short shorts, Jason’s mother easily found Stacy’s clit and began to massage it. “Turn around and get on your knees.” “Ok”, she replied. Stacy now had her knees on the couch, turned with her head pointed to the back of the couch resting her arms there.

Jason walked around to the back of the couch, dropped his shorts and put the head of his cock to Stacy’s lips. At the same time, Jason’s mom pulled Stacy’s shorts down exposing her beautiful young asshole and pussy. Stacy opened her mouth and at the same time she took in Jason’s cock, she felt warmth and wetness pressed against her asshole.

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