Finally Free: Pt 1

by Aquemini

Jason’s mother stood at his doorway which was cracked ever so slightly. It was Just enough for her to see his upper body down to about his elbows. She could see that her 18 year old little man’s face was blushed red as his body shook back and forth rhythmically.

She’d been watching him jack off for a few several minutes now and felt ashamed that she couldn’t pry her eyes away. She was even more ashamed that her pussy was starting tingle and was undoubtedly getting wet. She wished she could see his cock but she didn’t dare nudge the door for fear it would make noise.

Suddenly Jason’s breathing quickened as he moved faster and then with a grunt he started cumming hard. He arched his back and bucked his hips as he came. His mother watched as his warm cum shot all the way up onto his chest and stomach. She felt her heart rate rise. As he moved to get a towel his mother slowly backed away from the door went directly to her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

She quickly discarded her shorts and panties and went directly to the nightstand beside the bed. She squatted down to get into the bottom drawer. She opted for the medium sized suction cup dildo, quickly slammed the end into the hardwood floor. She pushed two fingers her wet swollen pussy and used her own juices to lube the head of the fake cock.

In one deliberate movement she slid down to her knees and used her hands to balance in front of her. Her hungry swollen cunt swallowed up every inch of the cock down to its fake balls and suction cup. She moaned as finally she was able to stretch open her needy pussy. She used her weight to drive the cock deep. She stayed in that position for a few seconds, still in front of the night stand she reached in and grabbed the bullet vibrator and put it against her clit.

It only took about 3 minutes of grinding the cock and working her clit for her to start to cum. Her pussy began to spasm around the dildo as the waves of ecstasy spread from her clit outward. She grunted and pressed her pussy down further, loving the feeling of fullness and pleasure.

“Fuck” she whispered shakily, “fuck, fuck!” She collapsed with a thud and little giggle beside the soaked toys. The excitement of the past 15 minutes made her feel young again. She hadn’t had an orgasm in weeks and right then decided it was time to live a little. Time to spice up her life. Time to finally start being the fucking slut she had always wanted to be. This was going to be fun.

Over the next few weeks Jason’s mom bought several new fun toys online and enjoyed fucking herself regularly. Sometimes she would masturbate 2 or even 3 times a day. Still, she couldn’t get her mind off seeing Jason blow that big load and she began to crave the feeling of a real cock and the taste of a man’s warm cum.

While fucking herself she would regularly imagine sucking Jason’s cock until he emptied his balls right into her mouth. She hadn't tasted a man’s cum in years and early in her life she lovers would think badly of her. Truth was, not only did she love cum but she loved her own cum and the taste of her own juices.

Sometimes she would use two dildos, because when she was about to climax she would pull the sloppy wet one out and suck all of her delicious juices off - so she would finish with the second toy while her mouth was filled with cock and cum juices. Now, however her craving for real flesh and a man’s warm cum were becoming uncontrollable.

The intense need to fulfill her desires were now so strong they overcame her feeling of shame about lusting for her son. One evening while walking past Jason’s room she decided she was going to talk to him. Jason was lying on his bed looking at a sports illustrated swimsuit issue. She had no doubt he was planning to jack off to it later.

She sat down on the bed beside him and decided that she was going to tell him exactly what she was and what she needed. “Jason, I need to tell you some things, ok”? “I know you’re a young boy with raging hormones, and I want you to know that masturbation is totally healthy and normal”.

“MOM!” He shouted.

“Jason shut up and listen to me.” “You have to promise me that you will never tell another living soul what I’m about to tell you”.

“Uh, ok” he said slowly.

“Well I masturbate too, Jason. A woman has sexual desires and needs like men do. My desire lately had been wild. I have toys that I use on myself and I’ve been really horny the past few weeks”.

Jason’s face began to flush, his heart rate increased, and cock began to grow inside his shorts. His mother could see these changes and as a result her pussy started to react.

“Jason I kind of saw you masturbating a while back and I haven’t been able to get the thoughts and images of it out of my head. To be honest, I think about it when I fuck myself.”

Now Jason’s young cock was stiff and standing straight up in shorts. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. In a way, Jason’s mother couldn’t believe what she was saying - but at the same time she also didn’t give a fuck. She was a whore, a cum loving whore and she needed cock. She wasn’t hiding the fact anymore.

“Take your shorts and underwear off now, Jason”. He did as he was told. He was leaning against his pillows, legs flat, his young cock looked beautiful to her and it was hard as a rock. He was about average length she thought, bit his cock and lots girth which excites her.

“Pull your legs up and spread them, bend your knees so I can see your dick and balls really well Jason”. “Fuck, I need you to understand that your mother is slut, ok? Here in a little bit you're gonna empty those cum filled balls in my mouth like a good boy. Do you understand?” “Jesus Yes, Mom.” He said in a shaky voice.

“As long as you give me that dick and cum, I’ll let you do anything you want to me. You can eat my pussy, lick my asshole, fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole, and of course fuck my mouth.”

Jason’s face was completely red and he was starting to almost pant, breathing fast and hard. His young rock hard cock was purplish red like it was about to burst. His mother moved closer and took his heavy balls in her hands and began to massage them thoughtfully, knowing that soon she’d get to drain them dry and taste and swallow the warm load she had craved for so long.

She noticed the little bubble of precum at his tip and instinctively leaned down and licked it up. Now her cunt was literally dripping. She stood up beside his bed and pulled off her shorts and panties. Right in front of Jason’s face she pushed two fingers deep in her pussy and gave it a few quick fucks just so they could both hear how wet she was.

“This is going to happen in my room.” She said. She then turn around as If to lead the way but instead she bent forward slightly and spread her ass cheeks apart. “Lick my ass, Jay.” He did what he was told and ravenously buried his face in his mother’s perfect ass. Finally she got to feel the warmth of tongue against her and not just some toy. “Fuck, I can’t believe I’m such a whore” she said matter of factly. With that she walked out and to her own bedroom. Needless to say, Jason wasn’t far behind.

She instructed her son to stand in front of her as she sat on the side of the bed. She scooted to the edge so she could spread her legs and easily get her hands to her pussy. “Come close and put that cock right in my face”, she said. “Let me see you jack it for a minute”.

As Jason began to stroke his cock his mother reached to the nightstand grabbed a small bottle of lube. She proceeded to slather his engorged throbbing dick and balls. As he stroked his head and shaft his mother used one hand to massage his full balls and her other lube covered hand went to her pussy. She alternated between rubbing her clit and using two fingers to fuck herself deeply.

“Look at me,” she said. Their eyes locked and Jason began to stroke the head of his cock faster and harder. “When you’re about to cum tell me, Jason. You have to make sure I get every drop in my mouth ok?” Jason’s mother could not remember ever feeling like such a complete whore and she loved every second of it. She was about cum hard herself. Just about that time, with his body shaking, Jason said, “Fuck Mom I’m gonna cum!” His mother worked her own clit furiously, she too was about to climax.

She moved her hand up behind his balls and began massaging his taint. She eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of her son’s cock as he grunted and began to give her exactly what she needed so badly. “Oh Fuck”, he yelled. Jason’s mother began to lightly suck on the head of her son’s cock as it began to spasm.

Wave after wave of warm cum began spilling into her mouth, over her tongue, and sliding back down her throat. This caused her cunt to start cumming as well and she could feel her juices pouring out into her hand. Almost instinctively she lunged forward taking Jason’s entire cock in her mouth. She could feel the head of it in the very back of her throat as her son’s last several spurts were swallowed directly down.

As her own massive orgasm continued, she kept his cock deep in her throat, breathing heavily out her nose and she released a muffled moan. She was in pure ecstasy. As her orgasm subsided she pulled back to get a deep breath. It took several more swallows to get all his cum down. They both collapsed on the bed.

“Do you see what I’m saying,” she asked. “This is who I am and this is what I need.”

“Totally,” Jason said.

“This can be our little secret.”

As the next several days went by Jason and his mother both wondered if things would be awkward. To the surprise it wasn’t, somehow. Things actually seem to get back to normal but in the back of their mind they both wandered what would happen next.....

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