Filling A Gap

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

My Mum owned and ran a Dance Studio and had a great clientele, even I joined it and learned modern and old time dancing and became moderately good. Stull happens on the dance floor when you hold female close to you, as it did with my regular partner, Geraldine or Gerry as she liked to be called.

Dancing with her and especially the Waltz and Tango tended to become kind of sinuous and sexually arousing for me, resulting in my cock becoming a swollen blood engorged boner which I knew Gerry could feel, so much so that on one particular evening as the dancers were leaving I spotted Gerry coming from the Ladies Room.

She came over to the exit door where I was saying goodbyes, put her arm around my shoulder as she normally did and gave me the customary peck on the cheek and saying a breathy good night and thank you. Mum and I locked up, went to the car and drove home.

Our house was empty as usual, my two sisters were on a university trip somewhere and my Dad had jumped ship several months earlier for a younger model of my Mum, which in my eyes made him an idiot, my Mum was a stunningly attractive sexy woman, good natured, confident, a snazzy dresser who certainly had plenty of admirers, which she felt she had to put off for fer of becoming "Known" as it were.

Once inside I brewed coffee for us and took off my Tux jacket, Mum told me to empty my pockets and she would brush and sponge it for the next dance session...ooops! Not a good idea Mum. I emptied the pockets and brought of a wadded pair of red cotton panties, slightly damp but recently worn and planted in my pocket by, I guessed, my dancing partner Gerry. Obviously constantly feeling my boner as we danced had an effect on her.

The problem was my Mum spotted them, took them off me, held them up and commented that Gerry had mentioned on several occasions that she got seriously turned on dancing with me and now she was holding the result and a very obvious offer to take things to the next stage.

I knew I was blushing and to add to my squirming embarrassment Mum told me that she too had felt my arousal when I danced with her, I needed to get to my bedroom fast and stammering a good night, I virtually ran upstairs and stripping off I dived into bed. Sleep came in fits and starts, I was very disturbed and confused. It was in the dark hours that I was wakened and looked to see my Mum sliding under the covers with me, matching my nakedness.........

"MUM! Wha......what.......what are you doing.....what are you thinking....Mum, I’m naked here...for God’s sake Mum!!"

"Shhhh! don’t speak...just lay quietly and listen. No one has touched me since your father left, no one has held me as a woman, only you son and that’s not the same. I want to feel strong arms holding me tightly, I need to feel a man’s warm hard body against mine, I want to be desired, lusted after, wanted, and taken. I need that man woman companionship in a bed together, naked, hot, wet, hard, erect....I need hard throbbing thumping sex…NO! not sex, I need fucking, I want to be Fucked, fucked hard, taken, used, stuffed with a big hard cock and feel it spurting spunk deep into me. Son darling, you're it............."

I never let her say any more, I was kissing her, snuggling my Mother, tongue swirling in her mouth as I pulled her naked body on top of mine. She moaned and spread her legs, I felt her animal heat and the wetness between her thighs and the way she was gently grinding and making my cock swing. She wasted no time such was her urgency....

"Do it!!...c'mon do it, do me, fuck me, oh God FUCK ME! I’m, now, do it now........."

I rolled us both over then got her on her elbows and knees, legs spread, her big what arse thrusting up and the dark hairy gash of her cunt, my Mums cunt, I smelled her lust, I fingered her hot splayed hole, and then quite brutally I thrust myself into her.

Mums reaction was to grab a pillow to bury her face in and stifle her scream as I fucked her, pounding her hard to satisfy my own lust until she clawed my shoulders, locker her ankles around my waist and humped to my thrusts until we both came spasmodically, my spunk blasting into her soft hot wetness while she bit into my neck gasping gurgling and panting raggedly until our moment of climax subsided.

Mum never slept with me that night, she just gave me a wet kiss and went to her own room. We did become Lovers though and I made plans to involve Geraldine somehow into our web.

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