Female Love

by Katie (WA)

Celia and Cindy both smiled over finding themselves naked in each other’s arms again. There was an appealing sort of sophistication about two women being sexual together and being able to share that female affinity.

These days the issue of being a lesbian was being swept aside by the more purposeful definition of bisexual, as many women discovered how easy and natural this was. Just as Celia and Cindy had discovered.

Celia was thirty-four and divorced. Cindy was twenty-eight and still single. They were co-workers and starting a friendship and been easy enough for them. They had done so without any thought of it being more than just that. Very quickly, though, and much to their surprise, the female rapport and chemistry between the two of them had suggested the allure of their being more intimate.

Without any difficulty, one afternoon at Celia’s place, they had found themselves naked together enjoying the most wonderful sex. Even without being “in love,” it had been the most incredibly romantic experience. As they both realized, something that only two women could share and appreciate.

“Mmm,” Celia murmured, enjoying Cindy’s nakedness pressing against her own, “this is so nice.”

“I know,” Cindy agreed.

They looked at one another and kissed, their lips coming together softly an fully. Each savoring the pleasure of feeling another woman’s lips against her own. With a man that would have been expected. With another woman it was so much more deliberate and that was what it so special.

Celia moaned lightly as they drew apart.

“You know,” Celia mentioned, “we’ve been having an affair for two months now.”

“Are we having an affair?” Cindy teased.

“I would say so … yes,” Celia confirmed. She smirked playfully at her friend. “I think that when two friends have been fucking together, that would considered having an affair.”

“I love it when we fuck,” said Cindy.

“So do I,” Celia confirmed. “But I wonder what is going to become of us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are we just going to continue on like this forever?”

“Why not?” Cindy questioned. “If we’re both happy …”

“The thing is,” Celia said, “are we going to become … well, lesbians?”

Cindy knew what she was getting at. Rightly or wrongly, the term “lesbian” had so many negative connotations to it. Connotations that were best to be avoided. “Can’t we continue just being bisexual friends?”

“Well,” Celia said. “What if we felt like living together?”

“We’ll just be bisexual friends who live together,” said Cindy simply. “We don’t have to call ourselves lesbians and get into all of that. After all, it’s our relationship, we can define it however we want and to hell with everyone else.”

Celia had to smile. She liked Cindy’s forthright and independent attitude.

Ciny asked, “Why? Were you thinking of our living together?”

“It has crossed my mind,” Celia confessed. Carelessly she said, “it might be nice. It certainly would be more convenient.”

“Mmm. Two naked female friends living together. That would be nice,” Cindy agreed with a happy playful smile.

“It’s just a thought,” said Celia.

“Well, maybe we should try living together,” Cindy said. “I have no objections.”

“But people would think that we were lesbians.”

“Screw them,” said Cindy.

“I’d rather we screw each other,” said Celia.

“Let’s just screw each other and be as happy as we can be,” said Cindy.

They kissed again, and it was so invitingly romantic and wonderful.

This story is very much based upon my own.
Four years ago a friend and I started having a bisexual affair. We both thought that this was wonderful and loved it. It was just so satisfyingly female. No, we weren’t madly in love with one another, but we were good friends. And no, neither of us thought of ourselves as being lesbians for all of the obvious reasons. We moved in together and have been bisexual friends ever since.

Yes, people want to define us as a lesbian couple, but we both believe that it is time that people, and especially women, moved away from that label. It is too burdensome, unrealistic, has too an negative connotations and lacks freedom. I believe that this website should have an exclusive female bisexual listing. So, from one bisexual woman to the many others out there, I wanted to share this story.

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