by Anonymous (Chester, England)

I work as a Family Ancestry collator in my County Archives and I was required to start getting all our paper documents scanned into computer, The work load was too much for one person so one of the upstairs office staff volunteered to work with me in our large storage area with was lined with shelf stacks of records of births marriages and deaths going back many many years.

Lorna, the woman who came to assist was very keen and very easy to get along with as well as being an ancestry devotee. She was a woman in her thirties, five foot eight inches tall, attractive, lovely figure, pale, almost colourless grey eyes and with a ready smile each morning when we met in the lift.

Her easy manner drew plenty of attention from many of the guys who came down to us with more and more paperwork and who would make ribald remarks and blatant suggestions to Lorna for dates and some casual sex etc. She looked disdainfully at these guys and said to me one time that there was not any nice guys among them all who she would drop her knickers for, which really shocked me the way she blurted in out.

We got into the habit of after work drinks before going our separate ways home. As the months rolled by I became more and more attracted to Lorna and with a shock I realized I was beginning to have feelings for her, sexual feelings which was something I had never countenanced about a woman before so much so than I found myself fantasizing about her and I sleeping together as a devoted couple. Often we would sit in the pub sipping our drinks and gradually we started sitting close to one another until our thighs were touching quite firmly.

I began giving in to my baser urges in bed at night masturbating to mental images of us both making love, wild uninhibited lesbian love, kissing, touching, stroking, licking, sucking and screaming when we had our orgasms, wet creamy sticky orgasms that exhausted us. As my unspoken feeling ran riot in my head I prepared myself to inducing Lorna to my apartment and attempt to seduce her and induce her to stay the night with me in my bed, hot, naked, wildly aroused and making love until dawn.

All this after working together for months, and now my feelings for this stunning woman were at fever pitch. When I plucked up the courage after several drinks after work, it was to invite Lorna to have dinner with me at my place to which she agreed eagerly. That evening I made a salad with cold cooked steak strips followed by a mixed fruit salad, and cheese board and some good red wine.

We sat together on the sofa watching a film on Netflix and after a while my feelings began bubbling away, my boobs felt unusually heavy, my tummy was churning deliciously and I felt the crotch of my knickers was becoming more and more damp, wet in fact."NOW! NOW! a voice in my head was urging, I was terrified she would rebuff me and storm out of the flat. Suddenly Lorna's arm was around my shoulders, I froze then slowly I turned my head to look at her, my insides fizzing with desire.

"I know, darling, I know, I knew the minute I saw you. I feel the same way about you" she said softly.

"Oh God! oh God!, Lorna, Lorna, sweet gorgeous darling Lorna, I've been going mad for you, my feeling for you are uncontrollable, I don’t want to control them, Lorna, I want you, I lust after you.........."

“I’m the same, angel, I want to have you, posses you. I want to make mad raging love to you, I burn for your body darling, I can’t go on thinking about you and playing with myself imagining us naked and fucking each other.............

We locked each other in an embrace and began exploring each other, loosening clothes, gently assessing each other’s soft full boobs, teasing nipples to stiffness. When my hands slowly swept down to the hem of Lorna's dress she stopped me. I looked at her in surprise.......

“Darling, I may not really be the one for you, I think things should stop here before there are complications and hurt feelings."

“Lorna, what are you saying, what do you mean, why would you not be the woman for me, I love you darling, I love you and I want you...."

Saying this I kissed her passionately, my tongue swirling in hr mouth, she kissed me with equal passion and moved on top of me.

“Lorna, please please come to bed with me, let’s go to my bedroom and make love to each other."

“Well if you insist my Pet, but I warn you.........."

"No No, no warnings no pulling back, Lorna, I'm Seething for you, I want to be naked with you, loving your beautiful warm sensual body, kissing your gorgeous tits, licking and kissing you all over........."

Her finger on my lips silenced me, she stood up and held out her hand, I took it and she led me to my bedroom, I was nearly swooning with expectation, my loins were hot and feeling liquidly at the thought of her fingers teasing me and her lips kissing my pussy, my wet puffed pussy.

We stood facing each other where Lorna started removing my clothes, my blouse was followed by my skirt after which my new lover ran her soft warm hands all over my body making me shiver and tremble, She cupped and kissed each of my boobs in turn, teasing and delicately nibbling each stiff nipple, making my sigh with pleasure.

Her fingers traced circles down my spine till they took my bum cheeks, squeezing and molding them like a baker moulds plain dough, one finger delving into the deep cleft and gently touching my clenched anal entrance at which I gasped in pleasant surprise.

I was in a transport of sensual heaven and Lorna was dragging out sensations I had never before experienced. When I felt her lightly touch my pussy I squealed softly, more so when she fingered my open hole.......

"Mmmmm! so wet darling, so very very wet, wet and inviting me to sip from your drooling pussy. Oh you dirty darling minx....one finger....two fingers......."

“Yes, yes, ohh YES, my love, in me, inside me...Oh God God that feels so, nnnnnnnnnnnnhhhh!..."

I was having explosive mini cums as her to fingers sort of danced inside me. I screamed when she added to my abandon by inserting four questing fingers deeply inside my body, pushing them gently but forcefully as far as she could.

“You like this my little flower? Do you like my hand inside you?"

“God, God, ohhhhh God YES, YES, my love, aaaaaagghh!......"

I felt my pussy being stretched like never before, not painfully or uncomfortably but, there were no words to describe the sensations I was feeling, Lorna at that point had me in her power, she could do anything she wanted with me.

"What I'm doing now my little flower will drive you over the edge, don’t try to stop letting yourself go just submit to your baser urges, and...."

I felt her whole hand coming inside me, I looked down along my body, Lorna’s hand was wrist deep in my Flue, I was actually creaming, she started fist fucking me, I was bucking and heaving, totally out of control as orgasm after orgasm wracked me, making me squirt as well as cream. I must have passed out when the Big One fizzed through me, my conscious world dissolved into myriad sensations of sheer exquisite pleasure, lit my flashing colored lights.

To be continued.

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