Feelings: Pt 2

by Anonymous (Chester, England)

I slowly regained my senses but my body still reacted will a few spasms. Lorna was kneeling between my obscenely spread legs, she was now naked to the waist and the sight of her breasts made my mouth water.

“So you're back you naughty raving slut, my word you do become dirty when on an orgasmic high....I like it."

It was true, I was high, and I suddenly gathered myself and launched at my lover, gathering her into my arms and forcing her onto her back and inexpertly fumbling o unfasten her skirt and pull it down along her shapely legs.....

“Oh! oh God, my angel, careful darling, be careful, Ooooooohhh!"

She was naked now apart from her lovely knickers, and there right there, laying prune under me, Life changed, love changed, my new found Ladylove was more, a LOT more than I bargained for.

AS much as I was hot to have Lorna I knew something was different about her and the difference was concealed in her pretty knickers, there was a very prominent mound pushing out the gusset and as I slowly rolled the lacy knickers down I stared bug eyed because nestling there was not the pussy I expected but a well formed soft thick fleshy cock lolling on a very full sack inside which two huge testicular balls resided.....

“Oh! Oh my God, Lorna! Oh, you're not....I mean...are you...Oh! Oh! Oh my GOD! Is it real, is that areal cock??"

“I tried to warn you very gently that I may not be the woman for you my dearest darling, and yes its real, it’s the one sacrifice I couldn't make after I transitioned, I'm Shemale my angel."

“Oh my God! Oh my God! is it really your cock, I mean does it work like a...Oh Gosh! Can I, If It touch it........."

“Its real, my precious, go on, touch it and find out........"

I tentatively reached out and gingerly touched the sleeping dick with one trembling finger, Lorna murmured her encouragement. I took it delicately in my hand, she sighed and put her hands behind her head.

I compassed the sot warm smooth shaft, feeling its body warmth and it ever so slowly began to react in my hand. Lorna moaned softly as her cock awakened, it thickened and lengthened as blood flowed into it, my body grew hot as my blood heated and I gave myself over to my natural urges, fondling this shecock, teasing Lornas tits and rampaging animal like all over my lovers body, kissing, licking, sucking until I plucked up enough courage to take my shemale lovers big bloated organ in my mouth and hungrily suck her off.

Lorna let me have my way with her body, reacting when I touched her erogenous areas while her cock beat and pulsed in my mouth.

At last she whispered.....

"Why not fuck me, take it in your tight hot pussy, sit on it and take all of it inside your heavenly body my own angel darling, go on, don’t be afraid, its real.....and it wants to be deep inside you, fucking you, making you get wet....."

I put my hand over Lornas and prepared myself, I was hot, very wet and my tits ached, Spreading my legs I straddled her and took the towering phallus in my hand..... The sensation of impaling myself on a beautiful woman with a fearsome cock only served to fulfill my insatiable lust.

Lorna was feeling the same as no sooner had I sank completely onto her cock than we were fucking insanely, my pussy creaming like never before as Lorna heaved and bucked rhythmically under my devouring body. I heard nothing of her cries as there was only a roaring in my ears as I rode this long thick invader buried inside me to its root.

Lorna told me later that she had to stuff hers and mine knickers in my mouth to stifle my screams as I came, mauling her tits, squirting uncontrollably when my orgasm tore me apart, matching hers as she jetted shots of hot cum inside my body.

Sometime later as we lay in each other’s arms, I felt myself and fingered my cock ravished pussy, Lorna had certainly watered me copiously as I was leaking a, her spunk wetting both of us on our entwined thighs.....

“In case you're wondering my love, don’t worry about me cumming inside you, I can’t make babies, what I spurted from my body was just Seminal Fluid, there is no Sperm at all, that was a sacrifice I had to make. We kissed and slept together. I hoped Lorna would suggest we live together as partners that were my most earnest desire, to have her big lady cock at my beckon call.

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