Feasting on Fist in Lock-down

by Maria (Brazil)

During the corona lock down situation and being jobless for nearly a year, I was looking for options to make money for my livelihood. But although I look somewhat younger, at the age of early 40s getting job in my town seemed difficult. I did do some part-time job at coffee shops and then in an adult book store.

The later was worthwhile for extra money as I got to know a couple of cubicles at the back of the shop where some horny young men would venture for hand-job or bj and they would grapple with my sagging boobs and old pussy lips.

There I got to know some aged retired but well to do men who were badly in need of company, in terms of sex or physical closeness. This way I have met some nice persons who want to spend time with me in private. I did meet some aged men for a quick fuck but they are not regulars.

In particular, I like this gentleman, T aged 58. I was fucking him at 3 pm twice a week both in nude. He wanted me for 30-minutes, and he wanted to play with my mature body and boobs, eat my pussy to my orgasm and then fucked me from behind as I kept on squeezing hard my ass-cheeks to clasp his cock hard. He provides nice perks - $200 a session, enough to meet my expenses.

But B, aged 66, slim stature with ED problem is different. He is an admirer of women body. As I go to his condo, he welcomes me with warm kisses on my lips and necks while his hands prod on my boobs. He hands me a tall glass of wine to warm me up. He then gets me nude – completely as he puts off his own. He then pours whisky for us into two glasses.

My nipples are beaming hard now - I held some ice from the glass on my nipples and pussy. My shaved pussy lips gets pushed through the long slit, B can easily touch my bare pussy now. His cock hardly raises its head … alas!!

He likes my body. As I drink my shot, he calls me over closer to him. He feels my boobs, massages them and sucks on my tits for a few minutes. I love my tits being sucked. As I approach him, he instructs me to lie across his lap on my back with my legs wide apart; he wants to massage my pussy using some body lotions.

Once I am on his lap, he is excited to finger my pussy and feel its wetness. He spreads my thighs open a little wider. As he pushes his fingers deep inside my snatch - 1, 2, 3, and 4, his fingers became covered with liquid. He then pulls his fingers out and moves his fingers over my full pussy. He strokes my inner labia and teases my clit. He keeps on massaging my tits with another hand …

I get too horny. I know what he wants. I spread my legs wide, so my pussy is fully open. B places his hand over my snatch and holds his palm over my muff; I feel my pussy swell and throbs. As my legs are wide open and my snatch wet and ripe – juices almost dripping, he begins to finger fuck my pussy deep. I liked it and I moan.

And ask him to keep fucking by his fingers, yes, back and forth. Fuck, you’re good. As I fuck his fingers, my pussy becomes so flowing wet. He pushes his all fingers together making them cone-shaped to push further into my pussy, I realize that he is trying to fist me. I got excited and I accept his whim – being bearing two babies earlier, my pussy is quite stretchable. He now puts some more lube into my pussy hole, his folded fingers are also drenched with the lube. I raise my buttock a little to ease his penetration.

I keep pumping my snatch up and down on his hand. His folded fingers are inside me now and his whole fist pushes it closer and harder and deeper. I like it – pain and pleasure mixed!! I started really rocking down to get down on his wrist. The harder I rock down on his hand, the deeper he pushes his wrist inside my pussy.

Once his wrist was fully inside my snatch, I writhe and moan – ‘Fuck yeah.’ His fist with folded fingers inside feels like a really thick cock! I reach a series of orgasm – wave after wave! He has been waiting for this to feel juice-flowing cunt spasm against his fist!!

I wait while B applies some more lubes into my throbbing cunt and slowly pulls his fist out of my cunt. Once he is out of my pussy leaving a gaping feeling, I close my legs and stand up from his lap.

I look at his satisfying face, kiss on his lips and take his hardly raised cock to give him a bj – he comes too quickly with dribble of cum that I swallow quickly. He reaches up to slap my ass and says, ‘I look forward to fist-fuck you every month, darling.’ And hands me $500 … I gather my clothes and head towards for a shower before heading for my home.

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