Father’s Day

by dedalus

On Father's Day, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Sally, a 48 years-old senior curator for an Art Gallery at T. University, heard a knock on the door, and a voice asked:

“Can you tell me where room 215 is?”

She answered through the door:

“It’s upstairs on the second floor.”

Within seconds, she heard a second knock at the door. A voice said:

“We can’t find 215.”

She opened the door and saw a young man standing in the doorway, wearing a white t-shirt and white jeans. The man said:

“I’m looking for 215.”

She answered:

“You have to go upstairs.”

The man replied:

“Well, in that case, give me all your money, bitch. Give me all your money, bitch.”

The man lifted up his shirt and showed her a semi-automatic pistol. Dumbfounded, she stood in the doorway trying to understand what was happening. At that point she saw another young man standing at the end of the hallway wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. The first man moved toward her and ran into the office, then the second man followed and slammed and locked the door.

The second man ordered Sally to sit on the floor. He placed the muzzle of a gun on the top of her head.

The first man screamed:

“Where is your money, bitch? I know you got money in here. Where is your money?”

She responded that she only had thirteen dollars in her pocket; he demanded it, and she gave it to him.

The first man ransacked the office looking for valuables. The second man told Sally:

“I know you must think that you are having a crappy Father’s Day, but we ain’t got no fathers.”

They asked Sally for her purse and she responded that she carried a knapsack, not a purse, and that the knapsack was inside her car.

The second man demanded her car keys and a description of her car. When she replied with the information, he accused her of lying and struck her across the face with the barrel of the gun. She told him that she was not lying. He grabbed the car keys from her desk. He ordered Sally not to look at him and placed the gun to her temple.

The first man screamed that Sally was going to call the police. She assured them that she would not, but he continued screaming that she was going to do it and so picked up her desk phone and ripped it out of the wall.

The second man kept the gun to her head. The first man then went inside the annex where office and reception equipment and supplies were stored.

The first man ordered Sally to kneel before him and said:

“Well, now you can suck my dick.”

He then forced Sally to give him a blowjob while holding the gun to her temple.

After a short while, the first man moved to one of the office chairs. Because he was not circumcised he gave Sally instructions about how to pull the skin back from his dick, to use her hands and to watch her teeth.

The second man returned to the office carrying a bottle of Courvoisier liquor and a digital camera. He asked the first man if he had a condom; the first man took one out of his pocket and handed it to his friend. The fist man ordered Sally to stand up and remove her clothes.

Sally removed her tennis shoes and started to unbottoning her cotton t-shirt.

"Go on, ma'am"

Sally tried to hold back her tears, as she dropped her shirt on the ground and started unhooking her jeans.

She stopped as she was wearing only her black sports bra and her white panties.

"You have still a nice body, ma'am. Let us see your breasts and pussy, too"

Sally removed her bra, but she didn't removed her panties.

When she did not pull them down far enough, the first man grabbed them and pulled them down to her knees. He pushed her back down onto the second man’s lap, put on the condom and penetrated her ass.

The men then changed positions with the first man sitting in the chair. He grabbed Sally’s head and pushed it into his lap. At this point, she lost her balance and brushed against the gun; the first man threatened her about reaching for the gun.

The second man put on a condom and fucked Sally both in her cunt and in her ass. Sally described the rapes as becoming more violent and vicious. She felt that she was going to die. Something inside of her snapped and she decided that if she was going to die she was not going down as a lamb.

She put her hands underneath the chair and with all of her strength she threw the chair over knocking the first man onto his back. She grabbed her pants, turned around, and looked at the the second man. He looked dumbfounded and kind of confused, like this was not part of the plan. Observing that the gun was now lying on the arm of the chair, Sally ran towards the door.

In an attempt to flee, the second man ran past her and knocked her back into the door and wall. The first man ran past her knocking her back into the office. Before he fled, the first man picked up the gun and smashed her face, breaking her nose. She slammed the door and locked it.

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