Father and Lover: Part 3

by Connie (WA)

Her nakedness felt positively joyful as she lay there in unashamed delight.

Her dad appeared perhaps just a bit sheepish over the fact that he had just fucked his own daughter. Although at the same time he felt prideful that he had.

“Oooo …” Seaton said as she felt more of his semen leaking out. She reached for a convenient tissue to mop it up the thick excess.. “My father’s sperm!” she said and grinned. “It feels so good having that in me.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t get you pregnant,” he said mindfully.

“It won’t,” she assured confidently. “I am on the pill.” She then teased with a daughter’s impish delight, “Although you could get me pregnant. We could have a baby together.”

He smirked good naturedly at her female enthusiasm, even if it was only done mostly in jest. “It would be best if we didn’t do that.”

“But I could move here, and we could raise our baby together,” she laughed.

“You can move here if you want. That would be ok with me. But I don’t think that raising a baby together would be the thing to do.”

Seaton considered this, knowing of course that being reproductive with her own father would undoubtedly not be wise. There was the closely related genetic aspects to be considered, and just what would they tell their son or daughter about where they had come? Getting pregnant by her own father brought with it a lot of responsibilities that were best to be avoided. Although, romantically, she could imagine how good and how satisfying it would feel to have her belly swelling with his child. Then just as quickly she thought how she would not only be giving birth to a son or daughter, but also to her own half brother or sister. That would be more than just complicated.

Her mind focused on other things. “If I moved out here … it would like us living together.”

“Well, we would be living together,” her dad said sensibly.

“But … well, it would be nice if we were having sex,” Seaton said.

Her father grinned a bit modestly. “I think that after this morning, I suppose that we probably would be.”

“Yes. But to keep people from thinking that something was going on between us … it would be better f no one knew that I was your daughter.”

Dave saw what she meant and thought about this. “I suppose it would be less awkward.”

Seaton smiled. “We could just be sort of like … lovers? Husband and wife?”

“You might be a bit young for me.”

Seaton grinned. “You would have the youngest wife in the block.”

“Give your ol’ dad something of an image, huh?”

“And then , just in case I did get pregnant … it wouldn’t be quiet so bad,” she said with an uncertain grimace. “Because I wouldn’t want to get an abortion. I just don’t think that I could do that.”

“Stay on the pill so won’t have to worry about that.”

“I will. I promise,” Seaton assured. She then smiled and remembering her pleasing nakedness said, “Out here I could become a nudist. I wouldn’t have to wear clothes around the house. That would be so nice. And no one would see if I was naked and sunning myself on the deck.”

“If you’re going to be doing that, then perhaps it is best if everyone thinks that we are husband and wife.” Dave was very much thinking that no matter how discrete one tried to be, eventually things like that did get known. And if they thought that it was his wife who just like being uninhibited, that was one thing. But to have an uninhibited daughter around the house, that was quite another. There would be raised eyebrows and questions asked.

“Oh, daddy … or should I start calling you Dave?”

“I think Dave, considering,” he said.

“You know, when I came out here, I was not planning on ending up with a husband,” Seaton said. Or a lover.”

“I wasn’t planning on ending up with either of those things, either.”

“But it is wonderful,” she said.

“Yes. I suppose that it is pretty wonderful.”

Seaton smirked playfully. “Then let’s fuck again … to celebrate.”

Dave shook his head over his having to deal with not only a younger woman’s sexual enthusiasm, but his own daughter’s. He smiled.

This is pretty much based on the true story of my father and myself. We have now been living openly together as husband and wife for five years. And no, my mom still does not know, as I am sure that she would never understand or approve, nor does anyone else. And also, no – I do not plan on becoming pregnant by my father. Although I will admit that every now and then I do find this thought sneaking into my head and it is very exciting. After all, sex for women also involves the idea of being reproductive and that can be very exciting. And to be reproductive with my own father would be quite thrilling indeed! But alas and wisely … no.

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