Father and Lover: Part 2

by Connie (WA)

He smiled at her, no longer embarrassed, but feeling justifiably proud of the huge erection that he was having, and was now enjoying just how good his boner felt straining in the way that was. To the point where a network of veins showed along the curved shaft and the swollen head was bulging. He was really having an exceptional boner and was pleased that he could with his daughter.

This of course was a new experience for him, and he felt like a father in a whole new and different way, and he could now understand the relevance of father-daughter sex. That it was far more than just a horny urge, but the desire to physically communicate his fatherly feelings.

“Oh, daddy …” Seaton breathed.

He joined her on the bed, taking his naked daughter into his arms and they kissed on the lips. It was not a wildly passionate kiss, but an affectionate one, a personal one and very much meant to be. As their lips gently touched and pressed together, Dave fondled Seaton’s large soft breasts. Her hand slipped down to hold and caress her father’s erect penis, her fingers feeling its stiff masculine shape. It thrilled her to actually have her dad’s bare male organ in her hand.

She then let her fingers slide down to hold and feel his balls, working the firm oval shapes around beneath the hairy loose skin, doing so with delight as she though how she was encouraging their male purpose of sperm production. And the thought of her father’s sperm thrilled her.

Dave got on top of her and slowly eased his erection into her vaginal opening, which was wet and more than receptive. Easily, he plunged his hard penis fully into her causing her to gasp with his male intrusion into her female organ.

“Ohhhh …” Seaton drew in a breath as she was so willingly violated by her father’s penis. The significance of her own father’s reproductive organ being in hers was practically overwhelming.

Seaton liked sex, she like fucking and to be fucked. She had never been particularly inhibited when it came to that, and she enjoyed the pleasure of having a good male lover, and occasionally even enjoyed being bisexually loving with a female friend. For her being with another woman was more just recreational and fun rather than serious, and she never thought of herself as being a lesbian. Far from it. For her it was all just sexual enjoyment.

But now, doing this with her own father, sex took on a whole different excitement and meaning.

It was almost like a spiritual awaken having her father’s thick erect penis filling her vagina.

Dave began to fuck her, drawing his penis back and pushing in again and again with a smooth and easy steady rhythm.

Seaton felt his maleness slipping effortlessly back and forth through her vaginal lips, its rigid length penetrating deep into her untested birth canal. She had never feltso naked nor so aroused in her entire life. It was like her entire body was a vagina.

“Oh, daddy… oh, daddy …” she panted as he fucked into her wet breech.

“Seaton … it feels so good being in you.”

“Ohhhh … your boner feels so good in me … so big …” She had her eyes squeezed shut and she put her head back, drawing in breath after breath, making her breasts heave upward. “Oh, God! I’m being fucked by my father! I love it! Oh, daddy … just fuck me!”

“I am fucking you, honey …” Dave said breathlessly, savoring how good and how intimate it felt to be having his boner wetly caressed by his daughter’s vagina.

“Oh, daddy … you’re going to make me cum! Fuck! You’re going to make me cum!

Dave gave her every hard inch of his boner.

“Ahhhhhhh … Ahhhhhhh … Ahhhhhh …Oh! Uh! Uh!” Seaton choked as she lay there helplessly climaxing on her dad’s boner.. “UHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

It was like enduring an avalanche of sexual explosions throughout her naked body. Her clitoris became alive, sending out uncontrolled pulses like electrical waves, and deep in her vagina she was climaxing intensely, causing her sensitive butt hole to clinch and unclench. Even her erect nipples felt like they were being struck by lightning bolts that sent electrical charges dancing over their extended points.

“Oh, God, daddy!’

Dave was amazed and thrilled by his daughter’s orgasm, and by the thought that it was his penis giving her this.

In the next moment Seaton went limp on the bed as her sexual release left her unable to endure anymore and exhausted.

Dave took pleasure in fucking her as she lay there beneath him, thrusting his boner into his daughter’s wet pussy with a manly purpose. He had never even fucked her mother like this, not with a fatherly passion which was all consuming in its motivation.

Then he suddenly felt the urge taking charge of his hard length and he was ejaculating. The semen came out in intense pulses that were grabbing.

“UH!” he grunted. “UHHHH ….”

Seaton realized that her father’s penis was ejaculating in her and she gasped and held him tightly, desperately wanting to receive his sperm.

“Oh … Oh, yes, daddy …”

The intensity of his ejaculation left him momentarily drained and barely able to hold himself up above his daughter as he savored the last of his male liquid just flowing out to add to his already ejaculated abundance.

They were both breathing hard and when they had sufficiently caught their breath, they looked at one another. It was with surprise over their shared sexual moment, and with true pleasure over the intimacy of the experience.

“Oh, daddy …” was all that Seaton could say again.

Dave withdrew his no longer stiffly erect penis from her vagina and she immediately felt its absence and then the wetness of his semen spilling out to dribble over her butt hole. Not that she cared or minded. It was her father’s semen and that felt so good.

“That was so wonderful,” Seaton said.

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