Father and Lover: Part 1

by Connie (WA)

Seaton had gone to see her father to spend a week at his new house. He had just moved out to the country. She was twenty-four and her parents had divorced the summer that she had graduated. She and her dad had always been close, and had remained so even after the divorce and when she had gone off to college and started living on her own. Her mother had remarried, but her dad was still single.

Her dad’s new house was lovely, out where it was, everything green and private and secluded. She and her dad had been happy to see one another, as it had been a while, and this was the first chance that Seaton got to see his new place and she was impressed and quite taken by it.

On her first morning there she had happily strolled into the kitchen to get coffee, doing so barefoot and wearing nothing more than an oversized denim work shirt in place of a robe. Her dad had smiled at her casualness, and happily she had remained that way for most of the morning, feeling comfortable and enjoying being relaxed like that.

On the second morning, used to living by herself and not really thinking about it, she was traipsing nude from the bathroom back to her room after her shower, and her father had spotted her.

Seaton responded with a modest but amused grin and her father had grinned back in the same way.

“Well, I’m getting to see more of my daughter than I expected,” he teased, viewing her nude form. She was not skinny, but had a nicely rounded figure. She was an attractive girl, with dark hair and a great personality that was very outgoing.

“Oh, daddy!” Seaton said happily and without concern. “It’s nice to be able to go around nude.”

Her father offered no complaint about her naturalness. “There’s no one to see you out here. No neighbors to worry about,” he remarked.

“That is nice,” Seaton remarked. Thinking of how her privacy was assured, she then quite nonchalantly said, “Maybe I won’t bother to get dressed.”

Instead of going to her room to do that, she turned and padded off into the kitchen to get herself some coffee where her dad joined her, smiling at his daughter’s impudence, as she poured herself a mug full and stood at the counter taking a sip.

Seaton grinned back, cradling the mug in her hands, “I never got to do this at home. Mom would have flipped … me walking around the house naked, and especially in front of my own father!” Seaton rolled her eyes. “Mom used to get on me just about going barefoot all the time. And she really did if I ever went out without shoes!”

Dave laughed, quite able to imagine. “I certainly don’t mind,” he said, being condoning of his daughter’s uninhibited attitude.

Seaton smiled. “It’s nice for a girl to be naked in front of her father. It’s so … open,” she said, enjoying her naked freedom.

“You look nice,” he complimented.

Seaton responded with a playful mischievous grin. “You could always take off your clothes and join me,” she teased.

Her dad gave her something of dubious look. “I don’t know about that.”

“Why not?” Seaton question with all innocence over her suggestion.

“I don’t know how proper that would be.”

“Oh,” Seaton chided him for his prudent concern. “I wouldn’t tell mom,” she assured. “And like you said ,,, there’s no neighbors to worry about.”

“Well …” Dave said, unable to fault her reasoning.

“Oh, daddy,” Seaton said, “I’m naked … why can’t you be, too? It’d be nice to be naked together. It would be very special.”

“I … I suppose that we could be. Maybe just for a minute.”

Seaton gave her dad a pleased look.

She watched as he took off his clothes, doing so right there in the kitchen, and she positively beamed a moment later when her father was just as naked as she was.

He looked quite self-conscious.

“There,” he said. “is that good enough?” He started to reach for his discarded clothes.

“Oh, don’t get dressed,” Seaton said. “Stay naked with me for a while.”

“I don’t know if this is really a good idea,” he said. He stood there gazing upon his daughter’s inviting nakedness, seeing the bare fullness of her round breasts, each boasting a broad deep pink nipple, and the tuft of dark pubic hair that filled in at the top of her smooth rounded thighs. As he did, he felt his penis beginning to respond as he had been afraid that it would. He was helpless to keep that from happening and being naked he had no way to hide his development. His manhood stiffened quickly and sufficiently to push upright in bold display.

“Oh, daddy!” Seaton said, seeing her father’s naked arousal and his handsomely large erection. Not doing so in surprise, but being quite admiring of what she was seeing with a look of wide-eyed enthusiasm.

“Honey …” he said, embarrassed to be standing there exhibiting his boner in front of his daughter..

“I think it looks lovely,” Seaton appraised in a gushing fashion.

“You do?” Dave found himself blushing. A woman’s naked sexual arousal was really not evident, where a man’s was undeniably prominent as his was right then. His penis curved rigidly up from his hairy balls, with the now fully expanded mushrooming tip becoming a deep shade of purple-tingled red and shiny smooth.

Seaton giggled with a girlish delight. “It’s special for a girl to get to see her father with a boner.”

“Well, you’re certainly seeing your dad having one now,” he said. His erection was almost achingly large and stiff.

“Just think,” she teased, “that’s what you fucked mom with to get me.”

“Yeah …” he admitted.

Seaton was clearly fascinated. “Did you fuck her a lot before she got pregnant or just once?”

Her dad grinned modestly. “We fucked quite a bit before she had you,’ he admitted.

Seaton bit her lip. “Oh, daddy … why don’t you fuck me?”

“What?” He could hardly believe that his own daughter as saying that.

“It would be so special. I think that a father and daughter need to fuck to really be close.”

“Oh, honey …” Dave said hesitantly.

“Just once,” Seaton said. “I just want to feel my dad’s penis in me just once.”

Although unsure and reluctant, Dave let his daughter lead him be the hand into his bedroom.

There, Seaton sprawled on her back on the bed, spreading her legs apart to reveal the hairy folds of her vulva, which were soft and ample, but did not hide the large protrusion of her of her fully erect and sizable clitoris which was pink and smooth and ripe in its readiness.

Dave saw that there was both a smile and look on his daughter’s face which showed her sexual eagerness. She was twenty-four and single, and hardly an inexperienced girl to be taken advantage of.

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